Nazan Lin
Student Info
Career student
Reputation 0
Club none
Age  ???
Persona Teacher's Pet
Crush none
Strength Incapable of self defense
Additional Info None


Nazan wears the default male uniform unless customized by player.

Nazan has fluffy black hair that fans around his head. He wears it in a style similar to Haruto Yuto. He has dark brown eyes.


Nazan is a Teacher's Pet. He cannot fight the murderer due to being incapable of self-defense. If he witnesses murder or corpses he will report it to a teacher. He will not talk to the murderer the next day and will lower the murderer's reputation by 10 points every day he is still alive.


He enters school gates in a crowd with the rest of the students.

After putting on his indoor shoes he relaxes on a bench in the plaza. He relaxes on the bench nearest to Rival-chan.

At 8:00 he goes to Class 1-1 and starts morning classes and finishes at lunch time.

At lunch time he eats bento at his bench.

He starts his afternoon classes after lunch.

At 3:30 he goes to the library and studies on Monday. On all other days he goes to the computer lab and plays video games until 4:30.

After that he goes to his locker for 10 minutes then leaves.




His task is to find some painkillers he left on a table in the library.


Ugh. My head hurts and I forgot my painkillers. Where did I leave them?
— Nazan asking for painkillers
Thanks but please hurry. I really need them.
— After accepting his task
But... Why...?
— After declining his task
Thank you so much. What can I do to repay you?
— After completing his task



  • He is based off of someone I knew
  • His original portrait was made in senpai customization
  • He is my first oc to have a gallery
  • He is my first deceased oc

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