This OC belongs to Cyrax aka RyanCannotDraw (Soon to be User:DuckPimp). Please ask for permission before using!!


Naoko has curly, pastel purple hair, tied up in two pigtails. She wears the normal uniform, unless customized. She also wears some purple nekomimi with heart piercings, a pink bow, a collar with a bell on it, and a cat tail. She has pale skin and light cyan eyes.


Naoko is kind of a brat. She whines when she doesn't get what she wants, and even cries about it. She is an aspiring idol. But whenever she performs, the only people who watch her are Sai Rax and Raian Demsi. She often cries about the fact that nobody wants to see her perform, and even takes out her anger on them. When around big groups of people, she acts kind and sweet.


To be added~! <3


  • Tbh she's kind of based off of Yowai Totoko
  • she used to be so pure,, but now she is just a bitch

Kisekae Codes

  • School Uniform: 34**ca57.
  • Idol Costume: 34**aa35.
Idol chan

Naoko in her idol costume


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