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Naoko Amaya is an OC that was made by Horizonfudgy and later adopted by the wiki user SenpaiX. She's a second grader at Akademi high school.

Naoko Amaya
Naoko kisekae
Her kisekae appearance.
Name Naoko Amaya
Class 2-1
Sexuality Bisexual
Crush(s) None
Club(s) Martial Arts, Cosplay, LGBT Division.
Persona Evil
Weight 48 KG
Height 170 Cm
Astrological Sign Aries
Birthday Jan 1st
Owner SenpaiX


She has red hair in a style like that of Rival-chan but with only one ponytail that is on her right side. She wears a red and black uniform that matches her personality with a hair ribbon and wears red and black stockings. She may wear the normal school uniform with black and red stockings on days in which the other clothes are in laundry.


She's evil regarding her dark backstory and hate for many people. She'll not react at all if witnessed murder, But will more likely help the killer and feel happy. With that, She still somehow has her some of her kind personality left and has her kind side.


She was born to Ryusei and Aki Amaya, A poor family in Buraza town. Her father was a drug addict and her mother was an unresponsible mother who treated her children in a bad way, Which later led to their divorce. Naoko was educated in Akademi Elementary school, In which she didn't succeed to make friends except for Mina Rai which treated her in a kind way and became friends with each other. There was one day, when she finished her elementary education, Her family decided to do a reunion for some time and go on a trip, But her parents were arrested since then and she lived alone with her sister, working as a maid to collect money.



Maya Amaya- Her younger sister. Naoko often tries to teach her sister inappropriate and violent acts, But Maya prefers to not take her sister seriously and ignores.

Her parents- Naoko didn't like her parents from her childhood, But misses them a little after their arrest.


Mina Rai- Mina is one of Naoko's childhood friends. They do talk sometimes at lunch but most of the time they're separated. It's like a one sided relationship. Mina really likes Naoko, but Naoko just likes her. Naoko and Mina met in elementary school in the Martial arts club.


Ozu Watashi-Naoko is one of Ozu's homeroom students who often tries to convince him to raise her grade when she feels she did bad on a test though she's never successful. Even though she doesn't succeed, Naoko refuses to use violence on Ozu.



  • When trying to win a online argument she types with her fists.
  • She was in a martial arts club in elementary school.

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