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Nanami Nakagawa is an OC made by CrabbyMeal. She is a third-year student at Akademi High School, and is a member of the school's Book Club. Her sister is Satomi Nakagawa.


Nanami Nagakawa is a pretty average-looking student. Her height and weight are average for girls of her age. Nanami's skin is fair, and there's a small beauty mark on her right cheek. Her light brown hair is worn in a bun, and her eyes are lime green.

While in school, Nanami wears the Akademi High's sailor fuku school uniform, white knee-high socks, and her cloudy glasses. To show that she's a member of the Book Club, she has to wear the club accessory - a white badge with the words "Book Club" written on it.

Nanami's casual outfit consists of a red turtleneck, brown trousers, her cloudy glasses, and a pair of brown boat shoes.


Nanami Nakagawa is a teacher's pet. If she witnesses murder or finds a corpse, she will report it to her homeroom teacher. Nanami will give a suspicious look If a camera is aimed at her.










Um... Well... Yes, I do need help. I, well... I lost my secret d-diary somewhere. I-I tried to find it myself, b-but it was nowhere to be found. W-Will you please help me find it? I-It has a lot of... personal information, and I don't want anyone to read it.

— Asking Nanami if she needs help with anything.
Oh, r-really, you'll help me? Thank you! B-But please, if you do find it, don't read it, o-okay?

— Accepting her task.
Oh... O-Okay... Nevermind then...

— Declining her task.
Y-Yes, that's it! Thank you so, SO much! I-I'll be in your debt forever!

— Completing her task.

Nanami's task is to find her personal diary she lost somewhere on the school grounds. It can be found on one of the benches at the school plaza.

After completing this task, you will gain Nanami's trust.


Satomi Nakagawa

Satomi is Nanami's younger sister. They both love and trust each other. Whenever one of them is in trouble, the other one tries to help as much as she can. Their relationship is good and healthy.

Hayato Haruki

Nanami thinks that Hayato is a great boyfriend for her little sister. She is happy that he is with Satomi. Nanami sometimes helps Hayato find out what Satomi likes.


  • Nanami Nakagawa can fight back. Her strenght level is "very weak".
  • If Nanami Nakagawa were to be modded into the game, she would have either Mei Mio's or Natsuki Anna's hairstyle.
  • Despite being very anxious when talking to other people, Nanami tries to speak quickly, however, she usually makes a lot of pauses and stutters a lot while doing so.





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