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Naledi Lukia
Naledi Lukia
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation -149
Club None
Age 17
Persona Loner
Crush None
Additional Info Dislikes people, and prefers to be alone, acting rude to minimize interaction

Naledi Lukia is an OC created by NumberOnett.


Naledi is an ordinary student at Akedemi High, a second year.


Naledi wears the default uniform. She has dark tan skin, grey eyes, light grey glasses, and black hair held behind her head in a ponytail.


Naledi much prefers to be alone, often acting rude to discourage interaction.


She has a negative or neutral relationship with every other student due to her rudeness and antisocial nature. She prefers it this way.


She gets to school at 7:00, right on time, and goes to class, waiting for the first bell to ring. After class, at 1:10, she sits on the bench on the roof with lunch. She goes back to class at 1:30, and after class, she goes home.


She cannot be befriended; as such, she has no task.



  • Naledi is based on another OC NumberOnett made of the same name outside of Yandere Simulator.
  • She is severely nearsighted, and can barely see her own feet without her glasses.

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