Nahimi Okasa/Hayamizu
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0
Club Sports
Age 13
Persona Unknown
Crush None
Additional Info None


She has short pigtail tufts that are purple with a pink gradient. Which are tied up by a purple and blue hairband with a ribbon. She has red eyes.


She was a very ordinary child. She was more energetic that your average "kid next door" though.


Koneko Hayamizu

She looks up to Koneko, and hopes to be just like her. She loves and admires her sister (she is one of her few admirers).


She usually just sits in class to draw in free time, and focuses very strongly when being talked to or taught.


She is shy and does not have many friends. She cares for everyone, but does not have the courage to talk to anyone.


  • she was commissioned/requested by the creator's friend
  • her name is said properly with the names switchedaround translaes itself into "Osana Najimi". Her base design was osana's original design (this was changed)
  • E reason she has two last names will never be stated in game if she is added, but it is due to being on her father's side of the family then being transitioned to her mother's side