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Nagisa is a social coward. Similarly to the sleuth, he is affected by the atmosphere. In high atmosphere (or medium), Nagisa will run to the nearest group and call the cops. In low atmosphere or having witnessed the murder of 2 people before he can reach the destination, he will pray for safety and promise not to call the cops. He will talk to the murderer if the school atmosphere was low, but will lower your reputation if other students notice his fear


Nagisa has light brown, similar to Oka's and bangs similar to Midori's. He has pale skin and brown eyes to go along with it. He may be biologically a boy, but you couldn't tell if he had clothes on. He has a feminine type body and slender legs.

He wears the default uniform unless customized by player. Bust size is 0, obviously.



Tsuiseki Mosuniguramu- He has a crush on this kind boy and talks to him as often as he can. He will sometimes hug on his arm when he's scared or feeling content. He doesn't know if Tsuiseki returns these feelings or not. He calls Tsuiseki, Seki-kun. They are now a couple after Nagisa confessed his love to Tsuiseki


Love Confesion

Tsuiseki accepting Nagisa's love confession