Welcome to Mystery, a fanfiction that is noncanon to Yandere Simulator but canon to Aci's fanon. This story follows Kaina Shikoshi as she investigates Ayano Aishi... a student who seems to like Taro Yamada, but every other girl who seems to likes Taro disappears. Can Kaina get to the bottom of this, or will she die trying?

[Rating: Since I'm not sure on the rating, I'm going to warn you that this story contains the normal Yandere Simulator stuff. You know, killing, torturing, murder, blood and other stuff.]

Chapter 1

Sunlight peeked in through the dark blue curtains that hid the clean, shiny windows of Kaina Shikoshi's small room. It made her red hair glow, and almost turned it into a baby pink. But before it did a dark gray alarm clock beeped loudly. It was half past five in the morning, yet the sun was already up, and it was shining bright. Kaina opened her dark red eyes and groaned, annoyed. She hated getting up in the morning, especially when she was tired. At this moment, Kaina was tired. There was gray circles around her eyes... yes, they were small, but they were still there.

Sleepily, Kaina yawned and stretched her arms. Her alarm clock had stopped beeping at this point, and the red-haired girl thought about pressing the snooze button, and her arm reached up to the tiny button. She couldn't; however; as the snow white door to her bedroom opened swiftly, a voice coming from it. "Kaina, get up! You were supposed to wake up half an hour ago!" the loud, booming voice spoke. Kaina gasped; she hadn't noticed the time. "But mom! I'm tired!" she complained. The voice got louder. "Too bad. I want to see you downstairs in ten minutes." Kaina's mom sighed. Kaina sighed as well, and sleepily climbed out of her bed.

Chapter 2


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