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Muja Kina
Student Info
Career Nurse
Reputation None
Club Faculty
Age Adult
Persona Heroic (Ditzy and Clumsy)
Crush Senpai
Additional Info None

Muja Kina is a major NPC and a rival that Yandere-chan has to be careful around. She currently resides in the Infirmary, and will take over for the regular school nurse during the 6th week of school.


Muja is an average busted woman with a low cut nurse outfit. She has light pink eyes and long light pink colored hair that is a bit messy. In the current debug build, you cannot interact with her. Info-chan will not recognize her when you take a picture of her. 

Old Appearance

Muja used to be a large breasted woman with a large behind and a low cut nurse outfit. She had violet eyes and pink hair similar to Yandere-chan.


Muja doesn't respond to Yandere-chan (or her mind slaves) killing or dismembering a character in front of her because she currently has no AI. She also doesn't respond if you're being chased by delinquents, a hero, or a teacher.

In later updates, she will be mostly professional but have a slight romantic side. Originally, she was going to be the permanent school nurse rival and was originally described as 'lecherous, perverted, lustful and lewd'. But the idea was scrapped and now she is described as 'pure' and 'innocent' and even though she will make sexual innuendos, they are unintentional on her part.

She's described as a young nurse who desires nothing more then to help others, but she seems to cause more problems then fix them due to her klutzy and air-headed nature. Her intelligence is described as being "Not her strongest point", but with her kind nature and her becoming fond of Senpai who needs some care during the sixth week, Senpai will be likely to develop a crush on her.

In The Game

In later versions of the game, you will have to try and sneak past her in order to access the tranquilizer and syringe. Muja is somewhat a placeholder model and in the final game (or future updates) the graphics will be changed.


29**aa7. [OUTDATED]

YanYan's Code


YanYan's Code (Original Style)


Muja Kina export (made by HairBlue)




  • She used to have the same base model as the Teacher.
  • Muja Kina is a pun that is based on the word mujakina (無邪 気), meaning "innocent" in English, the opposite of midarana.

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