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Mozart is a ghost St. Bernard dog which acts like a shop.

You can't murder this dog, this dog is already dead. But like said, it acts as a shop. Like info chan, but instead of panty shots, you have to pay with murders.

How he works.

So, here's how it goes, after summoning him, you command him after a few murders.

  • Immune to Senpai for the rest of the day-requires: 3 murdered, one of them has to be Midori Gurin
  • Feared by the heroic type-requires: 5 murdered, one of them has to be inkyu Basu
  • Scare away the police-requires: 5 murdered, two of them by katana.
  • Overpower the teacher for the rest of the day-requires: 2 dead delinquents.
  • Assisted by Oka Ruto-requires: disbanded occult club, kill Saki Miyu.
  • Not arrested/expelled/comatose etc.-requires: disband 2 clubs, murder 7 people, kill a delinquent.
  • Choose someone else to be your Senpai-requires: murder Kokona, Saki and Midori. Disband one club.

How to summon him

Join the occult club. Kill the mystery girl (the one who threatens you through a laptop)

note: you cannot use Info chan as a shop after summoning Mozart


  • Mozart is basically a reference to Beethoven the St, Bernard from the movie Beethoven.
  • Kiling someone infront of Mozart makes Mozart bark.

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