Monica Mischievite Games is an OC character owned by DeadlyTeddyBear009.

Monica Mischievite Games Portrait
Monica Mischievite Games

Female Female


Late Teens


Monica Style


Bisexual Bisexual

Personal Status

Gaming Club

Educated in

Akademi High






Her Fans

Personal Status

Bunglehole Mach 2 - Sister

Additional Info
Smacks people with gloves

Chucks Oreos at people

Transfer student from Britain.


  • 7:15 - She comes into school on her phone, playing She goes to her locker then goes to the computer lab.
  • 7:30 - She starts to edit videos and play games.
  • 8:30 - She starts class.
  • 1:00 - She goes down to the computer lab to edit videos and eat lunch. At this time you can "accidentally" bump into her so she can spill her drink on herself and she'll run to the bathroom to dry it off. When she's in there you can use the internet to gossip or boost reputation.
  • 1:30 - She'll go back to class to continue classes.
  • 3:30 - She'll go back to the computer lab and wait for the Gaming Club to start by editing videos, making videos and play games.
  • 6:00 - She'll go home and make more videos.

Personality and Appearance

She is a nice and caring person but can be very lewd and perverted.

Her persona (reaction to murder) is Monica Style, which means that she'll congratulate the murderer then after the murderer is out of sight she'll hit them with her gloves and then eat Oreos on their unconscious bodies.

She has brown hair and greens eyes (brownish-gray in real life). She also wear gloves.
Monica's gloves

Her beautiful gloves.



She's suspicious of her.


Hates him because he hates Oreos.

Kokona Haruka

Hates her because she's in love with Senpai.

Saki Miyu

Calls her Sucky Sucky.

Budo Masuta

Calls him Boo Boo.

Inkyu Basu

Calls her Raccoon Anoos.

Midori Gurin

Calls her Foolish Ass Question Girl.

Oka Ruto

Thinks she's creepy.

Uchikina Tekinananoko

Likes her because she likes video games.

Mary Jane

Thinks she is a really nice person.

Hogo Furendo

Thinks he's an idiot since he's a bad boy.

Raibaru Noitoko

Her rival since she got to Akademi High School.

Shoni Teki

Her friend.

Ijime Kurushimemasu

Hates him since he's a bully.


Knows her from her show "The Breaking Experiment!"

Zero 09

Thinks he's a secret agent.

Bunglehole Mach 2

Her cloned sister.


Oh, thank you.
— When complimented
What the heck is with the weapon?
— When seeing a weapon
Great job killing them! I'll keep my lips sealed.
— When witnessing a murder
This is what happens when you kill people, *****!
— When tackling someone to the ground after they kill someone
Oh my God! Don't do that, you freak!
— When someone tries to take a panty shot

Hypothetical Conversations

Monica and Inkyu Basu's Conversation

  • Monica: "Oh my God! Hi, Raccoon Anoos!"
  • Inkyu Basu: "Um... My name's -"
  • Monica: "It's so nice to see you again, say can you fly since you're a vampire and raccoon anoos baby thing?"
  • Inkyu Basu: "No-"
  • Monica: "Then I'll teach you!
  • Monica then ***** slaps Inkyu with her ***** gloves into oblivion.

Monica and Saki Miyu's Conversation

  • Monica: "Hi, Sucky Sucky!"
  • Saki Miyu: "What the-"
  • Monica: "I was just wondering if I could help you with anything..."
  • Saki Miyu: "Oh! Well, I lost my bra somewhere-"
  • Monica: "Did you say that you lost your bra?"
  • Saki Miyu: "Yeah-"
  • Monica: "Dirty *****!"
  • Monica then slaps Saki with her ***** gloves so hard she falls to the ground and holds her cheek and starts to cry.

Monica and Budo Masuta's Conversation

  • Budo Masuta: "Welcome to the Martial Arts Club--"
  • Monica: Hi, Boo Boo! How're you doing?"
  • Budo Masuta: "Fine, thank--"
  • Monica: "Good, I was wondering if you would--"
  • Budo Masuta: "Teach you how to defeat the most strongest opponents? That would be a pleasure."
  • Monica: "Okay!"
  • Monica trains with the Martial Arts Club for many weeks, then....
  • Budo Masuta: "Why are you dragging that corpse? You killed them, didn't you!?
  • Monica: "No! I didn't murder her! Raccoon Anoos just jumped off the roof and is unconscious!
  • Budo Masuta: "Lies, engage me in combat!"
  • 2 minutes later...
  • Budo Masuta: Please stop moonwalking on my body...
  • Monica: What was that? Stupid child!
  • Monica then slaps Budo with her gloves.


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