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Sensei Momoko Nagata is a Fan made Substitute Teacher.Once a teacher is killed, Momoko would be her/his replacement (Will not replace any teachers on the 7th week).


Momoko hair is brown and is tied into 2 high buns.She has freckles.She wears a brown flower printed shirt, a gray blazer, black glasses, black leggings, and light-gray high heels ornamented with blue bows.


Actual Personality

Momoko Is much like Muja Kina,she has good intentions however she is found dimwitted. She is less intelligent than the other teachers and teaches in a very questionable way.

Persona: Soft

After Being reported a murder case,she would take a longer to respond and to call the police once she reaches the body.If a murder takes place in her vision, instead of try to restrain the student, she will instead try to calm the student down and put down the weapon.


When a teacher is not killed.She would stay in the Teacher's lounge and work.

When a teacher is killed.Her Routine would follow the killed teacher's routine.


Much like info-chan, she dosn't have any relationships.

Information(Info-chans info Section)

  1. Because of her idiot-icy, the player will gain 2 less study points per lesson if she replaces their teacher, however, she could be used to stress out Over pressured students,the students would normally lock themselves in a room and study alone, allowing the player to have "alone time" with them.
  2. She was married to 6 different men before, one being arranged marriage, 4 left her because of her being and idiot.

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