Momo Yamauchi
Student Info
Career Student Council Member
Reputation Unknown
Club Light Music and Student Council
Age 16
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush Unknown
Additional Info None

Her new look

Momo Yamauchi is a an OC character created by Dennykid. She is intended to be a 16 year old,charming,sweet ,and very unlucky girl. She attends Akademi High School with her best friend, Misato Kasami.

Role in the story

She was pressured to join the Student Council by an unknown student. She and Misato often bicker about insignificant things,due to Misato often being too lazy to listen as Momo can talk a mile a minute. She loves nothing more than to socialize with other students and considers everyone a friend.

Momo's 5 secrets

1.She fried a pet fish alive due to her watching her mother cook salmon.

2.She used to be one of the school's notorious bad girls. She suddenly came to school one day as sweet as candy.

3.She has seen a couple murders committed by Yandere-Chan.

4.She argues with Misato mostly about her taste in junkfood and diet.

5. ???

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