Momo Aine Shirataki
Kanji 白滝 桃
Rōmaji Shirataki Momo
Alias Ai


General Information
Race Human
Sex Female
Pronouns She/They
Age 16
Birthday October 13th
Sexuality Pansexual Panromantic
Scholar Information
Persona Evil
Club No Club
Relatives Hanayo Shirataki (oldest sister)

Mami Shirataki (older sister)

Yukiko Shirataki (older sister)

Akane Shirataki (twin sister)

Crush None
Relationship Single
Status Alive

owned by cider bla bla bla

updating later today, just gotta make her in kisekae


Momo is an arrogant girl who has sadistic tendencies.


  • arrogant, views herself as higher than others
  • sexual, seductive
    • perverted, makes sexual comments even when they're not desired and can get somewhat touchy with others
  • likes to toy with others, sadist
  • lacks empathy, doesn't really get scared by much
  • morbid sense of humour
  • has a really low rep because of her actions
  • might give her some mental disorders that line up with this behavior?? idk


  • amber eyes
  • orangish short hair with bangs going to the right
  • small bust
  • fair skin
  • short stature (4'something)
  • looks childish



Saorise Shirataki ~ mom, likes since she feeds into her ego. much older woman, in her late sixties

Yasunari Shirataki ~ dad, dislikes since he expects her to end up like her older siblings. much older man, in his late sixties

Hanayo Shirataki ~ oldest sister, in her forties. married to a woman, step-kids. likes to pick on her since she is awkward and easily flustered.

Mami Shirataki ~ older sister, early forties. married, older kids.

Yukiko Shirataki ~ older sister, late thirties. married, young kids.

Akane Shirataki ~ twin sister, likes to pick on her due to her violent outbursts.


hah she has none

Neutral Relations/Frenemies

Negative Relations/Enemies


  • family is very strict on grades and getting into good schools, originated in america before her birth
  • all her older sisters ended up very successful in life which would later become the expectation for her and her twin
  • born much later than her older sisters out of pure chance, parents were in their late forties
  • met these expectations effortlessly at a young age which boosted her ego especially since her twin wasn't nearly as good as her
  • eventually gained trouble catching up in school causing her to despise these expectations

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