This page is currently under construction, for now you can visit the pages listed below for smaller mods.

Please follow these rules when submitting your mods.

Mod Rules

  • Rule 1 - Mods must be more complex than a few edits made to the Students.json file.
  • Rule 2 - Mods must follow the proper formatting.
  • Rule 3 - Mods must include download links.
  • Rule 4 - Mods must include the Mod Infobox template.

More rules might be added without warning.

Student Mods

These mods are aimed at modifying the student population of Yandere Simulator. For student mods, visit this page:

OC Mods

These mods add OCs created by various users to Yandere Simulator. For OC mods, visit this page:

Rival Mods

These mods add canon or fanon rivals to Yandere Simulator. For rival mods, visit this page:


These are the most simple of mods created for Yandere Simulator, made specifically to change the physical appearance of the protagonist. For skins, visit this page:

Miscellaneous Mods

These are the mods for Yandere Simulator that don't fit any of the above categories. For miscellaneous mods, visit this page:

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