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Notice: Due to the excessive amount of vandalism, this page has been restricted as of 23:48, November 26, 2016 (UTC). If you wish to add your mod to this page please contact an Admin, Mini-Admin or a Content Moderator.

The Real Rival-chan in the school by Lana Rose

Hello, this mod includes Rival-chan the real one! Instead of her standing all day in the tree, you can now can kill her, also includes Osana Najimi!

In this mod you can;

-Be Rival-chan by default command (so you have to activate it manually and must be activated by changing the sports uniform)

-Kill Rival-chan in different ways since it replaces Kokona Haruka


-In the amistory he was bugged like the kidnapping and when he wears the uniform of gym (it is very scary ...)

-Maybe the uniform of Rival-chan is bugged but there is a 10% that can happen to you

Is not the biggest mod in history but I think it brings something interesting I hope you enjoy it :3


whops! the file of "Reset Idle" is bugged here is the no bugged sorry! but download fast!:

Video :
The Real Rival Chan Mod - Lana Rose05:54

The Real Rival Chan Mod - Lana Rose

Rivals Mod By KawaiCats & Xhurtbethink 2.0

Credits to : 

  • Madpai for: Tsundere-Chan uniform
  • LeTaiNguyen86: Amai ,Asu and Mida's textures (parts)
  • Chalkpai: for the Kizana's stockings
  • YANDERETSKUHI for: Osoro ,muja stockings and Megami and ports
  • Pixєl Shєikah for: Amai's eyes and Mida stockings


[1]*Osana Najimi

  • Amai Odayaka
  • Kizana Sunobu[2]
  • Oka Ruto ( Yanderetale)
  • Asu Rito
  • Muja Kina
  • Mida Rana
  • Osoro Shidesu
  • Hanako Yamada
  • Megami Saikou
  • Satomi Najimi (Osana Najimi's sister)
  • Himdere-Chan
  • Tsundere-Chan
  • Victim-Chan
  • Witness-Chan
  • Student-Chan
  • Student-Kun
  • Yujin Sumato
  • Hideaki Watanabe
  • Cocoa Sakuta
  • Musuko Juera
  • Dan Dere

Version: February 15th


Rivals and Family Demo by Lana Rose Galletita Kawaii 12

Hello !, this is my mod of rivals and family in phase "demo", after creating the first version was very old and with the mod things of kgftbz!

This mod contain :
PoseMode 40

-the ten rivals (obviously xD)

-Special animations for most of the rivals

-Ruts for rivals

-rival-chan, witness-chan and victim-chan

-a easter egg of a student
PoseMode 392

-new protagonist (very kawaii I think)

-Juanita of the valle!

What mistakes can you have?

- if you do not have the kgftbz mod, you will not be able to play (but they are in the download link)

- Uniforms that are not the sailor are buged.

"Maybe mida and Juanita are in uniform uniform!" I'm not sure...

- rivals only have routine the first hour!

-if you change you hair, the hairs for some students will be bugged

link :

"in the future will be added the siters/brothers"

Tsundere Simulator 2.0

Tsundere Sim is back! Say "BAKA" over and over again!

New content:

New characters!

New Kyoshi, Nurse, Counselour and Teacher textures!


Go on! Live the daily life of a Tsundere Girl! (again) January 24 Build


Mod Download:!QcVghIpY!-pMGN2ZgVnruYAGcCuPMciPdEFVGaa-oZHmKOswS9Vg

Video Link:

The VICTIM rival challenge mod by KuuderessioPlusvalín

ello, this mod add Victim-chan and Witness-chan to the game... Just another mod of Victim-chan and Witness-chan? Well, this is not just ONE MORE of the mods. In this mod, Victim-chan acts like a REAL rival. Her routine is maded and i try to put her routine close to Senpai. Yeah yeah, maybe is still for you being another mod of VICTIM-CHAN AND Witness-chan for you, if you complete the challenge of kill Victim-chan, then it will be just another mod. If its very hard for you kill her, it wont be so easy. The callenge is kill her without any easter egg or debug command, unless you don´t dare you complete it, that´s another thing...


-Now you need more range in Biology in order to kidnap someone.

-Now you need more range in quemestry in order tu poison someone

-New NPC.

-Added Witness-chan to the game

-Updated the love one death reaction before attack method.

-Improved the animation of this system.

-Added two new endings, that you can get if you kill the new lover of Senpai.

-Updated some aditional information.

-Now as a difficulty you can no longer join to the martial arts club, so it will be less easy winnging a confrontation with students or teachers.

-Added a new routine to Senpai.

-Added events with Senpai and Victim-chan.

-As a another difficulty, the delinquents will always in the incinerator, so it won´t be so easy eliminate corpse or proobs.

-Changed the day an hour to Kokona and Saki rooftop interaction.

-You can no longer put a note in Kokona´s locker. This is because, i want to confirm you something: VICTIM-CHAN IS THE TARGET!

-Changed a few of the routine of the basu sisters.

-Changed a few of the routine of Oka Ruto.

-As a difficulty, the NPCS will react more faster, or getting away of you or trying to overpowering you.

-Added stockings for Koharu Hinata.

-As a difficulty, some benefits of the gaming club are not working. Also, there are some games that can provide you more bonus when you play it. You have to discover what games are...

-As a difficulty you can no longer join to the Science club.

-As a another difficulty you can no longer join to the cooking club.

-Now if you low the reputation of your current rival, she will have a flowe in her desk.

-The laugh can no longer distract NPCS.

-Now you can´t use the "pointing someone with a camera to his face to distract him and kill him" anymore.

-Now if Saki or Kokona dies. The surviver friend will cry her death.

-Now you can no longer distract NPCS laughing. You have to find another ways to eliminate your targets.

-You can no longer low the reputation of a student so easily. Try it, cheating... But... Hehe... Well i better let you discover "things".

-Changed some texts of Info-chan refered to Victim-chan.

-Added a dark secret.

-Now, the sanity anims are disabled since the beggining of the game. So thre is no longer, "stealth attacks"

-Now, you can put trush about Musume Ronshaku and Victim-chan in the internet.

-You can no longer put any trash in the internet of Kokona

-As a difficulty the player can´t change her clothes in the locker, But there is a more easier way to do it.

Hint: I don´t disable some commands.

If there is any bug, tell me. (KuuderessioPlusvalín)

Download link:

Fun Girl Mod by MadPie

This mod adds fun girl to school that replaces Oka Ruto.


  • New additional Info.
  • New idle.
  • Only for  January 3rd build

Known Bug: Yandere-chan will use a different animation if she is near Senpai.



This is a mod showing an example of what the current student's children might be like here are some volunteers I need:

Voice Acting:None

Assembly Unity Script.dll:Yandere6316

JSON files:Me

Uniform:I forgot the name of this user


Changing hairstyles:None

Link:Not done yet!

Senpai Fucks Off by Rena-Shi

Link: Here

Senpai leaves school after changing shoes, various other things aswell.

Another OC mod by TheFunGame

This mod includes Two OCs Rainbow-chan and Kanna Kaito.

The Mods Additions

*Three New Hairstyles for Yandere-Chan

*Two OCs

*Stockings for Mai Waifu and Pippi Osu

*Updated Student Info


Rivals Mod By KawaiCats & Xhurtbethink 

This Mod its for November 19th Update, It adds Every Rival with Their Stockings

Rivals mod-0

Thanks to YANDERETSKUHI For Doing some Portraits.

If you attack Rival-chan or Osana Najimi they could attack you

If you can´t Talk With Someone Pick up a weapon

and there are zones where the fps drops avoid them

More Added Things:

  1. Added Osana Najimi (Senpai's Childhood Friend)
  2. Added Amai Odayaka (Cooking Club President)
  3. Added Kizana Sunobu (Drama Club President)
  4. Added Oka Ruto (President of the Occult Club)
  5. Added Asu Rito (President of the Sports Club)
  6. Added Muja Kina (School Nurse)
  7. Added Mida Rana (Substitute Teacher)
  8. Added Osoro Shidesu (Leader of the Delinquents)
  9. Added Hanako Yamada (Senpai's Little Sister)
  10. Added Megami Saikou (Student Council President)
  11. Added Satomi Najimi (Osana´s Sister)
  12. Added Himere-Chan
  13. Added Kasami Saikou (Megami´s Mom btw is not the real one)
  14. New Students (Custom Students)
  15. New Texture for Supana Churu
  16. New Routines


Another OC mod by TheFunGame

This mod includes Two OCs Rainbow-chan and Kanna Kaito.

The Mods Additions

Three New Hairstyles for Yandere-Chan

Two OCs

Stockings for Mai Waifu and Pippi Osu

Updated Student Info

Link: [3]

Midori Goes To Class Mod by JustBrad299

Student 16-3

This mod makes Midori Gurin go to class. No this does not replace another student with Midori this mod changes Midori's Schedule so she stands on the roof and texts and then goes to class. Very simple Mod, Yes but it's pretty good.

Install Instructions

Download the JSON then go to C:\Users\YourName\Downloads\YandereSimulator_Data\StreamingAssets\JSON Replace the Students file with this file then you should have a better Midori in your game

DOWNLOAD                                                                                                       '

More Colorful Students Mod 1.0 by Damiranc1

That mod adds three new students (also Osana). This is first version of the mod, and in future there will be more students.

If you don't know, how to download, ask me.

Yandere Simulator next generation Mod By Its - Kristian

Sneek peek


Email with the supject and your work

Students: 21%

Portraits: 0%

Itskristiangame-profile image-ba338897a9fbb03e-300x300300x3003

Voice acting 0%

Art work 22%

Itskristiangame-profile image-ba338897a9fbb03e-300x300

Names of Students 33%


Rivals Mod Update for Nov 16th

Credits : Madpie for texture, Oka-senpai.

Rivals :

Osana, Amai, Kizana, Muja, Mida, Megami and others! plus as bonus... Tsundere-chan , Himedere chan and Rival-chan!!!

Download Link :

Have fun!

Oka sim mod

This is a mod where you can play as Oka be shy! Stalk the Basu sisters to find out if they're really paranormal beings!

Rivals Mod:The Minor Improvements Update by: TaroSans01

Note : This Mod was deleted and now is restored

[4]The new build of that mod add that rivals:*Osoro Shidesu (Delinquent Rival)

  • Hanaya Hanika (Tsun Chan)
  • Asu Rito (Sports Club Leader</p>

[5]Additions:*Added new stockings for Osana and Megami (Salmon panties for Osana)

  • Changed the routines[6]
  • Added a "Osana's suitor"

[7]* Added a new persnona into the game the Clingy/Damsel

  • Changed the appearence and name of Hannaya to Kaihatsu
  • Change the hair of Kuu Dere for a reason
  • Changed the rivals events[9]

Credits*Thanks MadPie for borrow the Asu Texture!

  • The Osoro's portrait is from Shin Higaku The Occult PE Leader,thanks![10]
  • The Megami portrait is from FranciChan,Thanks So Much!
  • Thanks MadPie for do the events for me!

Download Link:☀

Bijuu Mike Scrub Mod By:Yandere6316

In this mod, every student is a Scrub, the School is Green and Senpai is Clarence :3

Screenshot (106)


Some walls and floors are not green because I can't find their texture file, I hope that the mod is still enjoyable though :3

Play with Osana Najimi V2 By: Bruno Play

Hello little friends, I think you were waiting for version 2 of Mod to play with Osana Najimiii (or not) and there it is:



  • Working on the latest build, November 19th.


  • It is no longer necessary to replace Pippi Osu's hair.
  • Now the Mod runs Osana's textures straight from the in-game files, no more custom files are needed.


Thanks for downloading my mod by: Bruno Play.

(Oops, sorry forgot to warn you that now it is not necessary to go through several hair just press "H" once and you already get Osana's hair !!)

Completely Random School Mod - By ~Eduardo6776~

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome to the Completely Random School Mod! Well, I think no one had this idea before, so... Let's get started! And, please, someone show it to the big youtubers! Especially, Bijuu Mike!


The mod "The Small Additions/Improvements Mod by 10JmixP" was used as a base to make this mod. Go check it out! . Go check it out if you want!

Well there is a bug that I discovered but I can't fix it. If you don't a female bald bugged Senpai that's NOT random, don't change Senpai's original appearance (you can only choose the boys uniforms and the girls uniform). Ok? Also, the game would bug if the teachers were already customized in the start of the game. If I did so, the game would COMPLETELY BUG AND THERE WOULD BE NO TEACHERS. Also, when you enter the game, there will be no one (only the teachers). Combining these two things results in a no playable mod anymore. To play it correctly, you will need to follow these steps:
Crowd of random students entering Akademi High School
  1. When you first join the mod, go to the debug menu.
  2. Press the Z key to kill all students (it will only the originals teachers that everyone knows because they will be the only people at school).
  3. End the day.
  4. In the next day, go to the the debug menu (There will be already randomly generated teachers).
  5. Press the X key to enable the random students. Now, your mod is already playable!

CHALLENGE: Kill as most people you can, dismember them and dispose of them all in the incinerator. After that, dispose the murder, your uniform AND your gloves (if you choose to use them). Also, restore your sanity COMPLETELY AND clean all the blood.

Download Link:

NOTE:people will have no complete schedules. They will only walk around school and patrol the area so you can't kill anyone.

You'll need Win-Rar or any other program that can open ".rar" or ".zip" archives.

Please, do not say that my mod is bad-made (cause it really is) because it's my first mod. And the first version of this mod. Yes, it will have a 2nd version. This mod will have a 2nd version because I'm too lazy to do a final version of this mod. =P.

While this mod STILL on his 1st version,

Photo 6-1479840404
Photo 4-1479840404

Kawaii Memory Mod - Lana Rose~

Hello this is just a little modification of when I started :3. It brings me a lot of nostalgia to remember that I only knew that and now I know many things .. I love to know that a person that starts with little but at that moment is much and when it is wow!

Advice to new modders :3:

You are starting a great learning path will have fun as you advance, more and more your learning !! Everything is better if you think not in fame but the happiness that you will give to the people who download your work and that will gladden you! :D

Stop words and here is the link:

( Only JSON but has original routines (?) )


Sakuta Sisters By Blue Cats

The previous one got deleted so I'm re-adding it.

Compatible: Probably any, as it only mods textures, but I've only tested August 2nd 2016.


Desc: Replaces Inkyu and Sakyu with Cocoa and Keko Sakuta.


Other: no. Just use the portraits from Cocoa's page and Keko's page.

Saikou Simulator 2! by Tyolyl

PoseMode 94

The sequel to Saikou Simulator! Instead of killing Megami, your rival is Ayano Aishi. Although you don't love Senpai, you need to win his love to eliminate Ayano. Unlike Saikou Simulator 1, Ayano walks around with multiple witnesses near by.

PoseMode 93


  • Megami Saikou as a student replacing Kokona.
  • Megami Saikou's old appearance as a student replacing Midori.
  • Senpai as a student replacing Riku Soma.
  • Suitor-kun as a student replacing Senpai.
  • New delinquents (Oka, Megami, and Miku).
  • New hairstyles (i legit can't count how many I added). Some are bugged and floating.
  • New student info for Megami, old Megami, Senpai, Suitor-kun, Tyolyl, Osana, Nemesis-chan, Ayano, and Saki.
  • New stockings and textures for every Megami (Yan-chan, Kokona, and Midori).
  • Pose mod is included. Credit to Kgftbz for that.
  • New hair for Shima Shita (Modding reasons).
  • New hair for Pippi (Modding reasons).
  • New hair for Hayato Haruki (Modding reasons).
  • New Hair for Mei Mio (Modding reasons).
  • Restored Sora Sosuke's old hairstyle.

New students that aren't replacing anyone:

  • Osana Najimi. Interacts with Suitor-kun.
  • Tyolyl Schmobop. Trying to look up my information? Then download Saikou Simulator 2!
  • Ayano Aishi. Walks around school, checking on senpai (Not actually in game).
  • Nemesis-chan. Follows Ayano trying to kill her.


Saikou Simulator 1 (old):

Saikou Simulator 2 (Latest):

Contact me if there are any bugs related to this mod!

More Students (34 New Students, 67 in total):  Made by Tundere-chan06

This mod adds 34 new students to the school, 30 are students the other 4 are facculty members (nurse and teachers)

ALL of the characters in this mod are from the anime "Another" - if you havent watched it yet i totally recommend you watch it. Its my fav anime of all time.

Most of the students dont look exactly like they are supposed too because i didnt want any students to look the same. 

The only known bug i am aware right now (not really a bug, i just screwed up and didnt want to fix it today but i really wanted to upload it) some students dont have portraits even though i gave them one... 

Download Link:

Sorry for my bad english

Thanks for downloading, hope you like it! <3

The Small Additions/Improvements Mod by 10JmixP

This mod is an simple mod just to let things a bit more cooler and to show 2 hidden things

Student 34-2
Photo 1-1479581822


Photo 4-1479582249
-Adds Victim-Chan, Witness-Chan and Osana to the game

-Boys now have 2 different reactions to murder (the coward reaction and the evil reaction, the social butterfly reaction isn't done yet)

-Senpai and Osana have an interaction now with an hidden animation

Stuff that you should be aware of:

-Mindslaves and sad persons "mourn" animation is "bugged"

-Victim-Chan and Witness-Chan don't have complete routines

Download link (It works just in the most recent update (November 16th bug fixing build)):

The pictures aren't made with Pose Mod/Mode, this mod is NOT a troll

"Hiwata no Nadoko" ("Bullied Simulator") [WIP]


This mod isn't related with the story of Yandere Simulator. Due to recent leaks, the mod may or may not take a little longer to develop. Please stay patient during the wait. Thank you!



Ijimi Garu is one of the students of Yamamura High School. At first, she was the most popular girl in the school. She had lots of friends, even admirers. However, one day, it changed. Six girls from another high school were transferred to Yamamura High School. They slowly became more popular among students, but still not as popular as Ijimi. So they started gossiping about her to every students they could, until ruining her reputation completely. Ijimi had become the most hated student in the school because of those girls. She became depressed and lonely, she has no one to talk to, and everyone that she walked by made fun of her. The girls bullies her everyday at anytime they feel like it. Ijimi is tired of being pushed around and bullied! She wants to get revenge. She wants to stop them, she wants to hurt them... she wants to kill them.


Unlike the normal Yandere Simulator game. The protagonist, (Ijimi) has a new appearance and a new uniform. The other students also have new uniforms. At the start of each week, you will learn more about Ijimi's past. The player will have the choice to brutally murder the bully or simply lure them into a trap. There is no Info-Chan, but there will be a small Easter Egg connecting the two schools (Akademi and Yamamura) in a very clever way.


Along with the bullies, they will all possibly have a bully specific elimination method or not. More will be revealed in the future.


Please contact ONE of the following fanon users if you would like to volunteer...

BaronLuke Productions


Drewmorg5643 a.k.a DWO

Game Versions

There will be three versions of the mod : English, Spanish and French. The english one will be released first.

Release Date : November -December(ESTIMATED ! NOT SURE !)


For more info please visit the website!


Project Lead - BaronLuke

Co- Lead: DWO

Voice Actors:

Ijimi Garu - Need Volunteer

Omoi Agaru - Need Volunteer

Ijimi's Teacher - Lada_Safety_Car

Ino Rite - Without Him

Oro Ka - maybe a person that will not be on this server

Sei Teki - Need Volunteer

Takeshi Mija - Pixel Sheikah (Not sure yet)

Generic lines:

callathiel shadow




Johny Michelson

Art Work:

A person that is not on this server, unfortunately this person is busy to make us stuff




Johnny Michelson







Johnny Michelson


Pixel Shiekah


91% complete


Ayano Mod

[12]<-- This is the link, don't know why it's looks like that :/

I replace Midori Gurin with Yandere-Chan! And I add Midori as Student 34( She will act like a teacher so be careful ) This is my first mod so hope it isn't bad. Sorry for no preview :(

Play As Megami Saiko Mod V.2 By CasualRainbows

This replaces Hatsune Miku's hair with Megami Saiko's hair, replaces the Idle animation with a Delinquent animation, replaces the laugh animation with the original laugh, and replaces the main music with Megami Saiko's theme.

NOTE: Megami's uniform only works with the main uniform, not the others. 
【Yandere Simulator】Play as Megami Saiko 【MOD SHOWCASE】02:57

【Yandere Simulator】Play as Megami Saiko 【MOD SHOWCASE】


Now works for the November 15th Build


Tsundere-Chan with Osana Stockings by The Kira Justice

This is For Kuu-Dere Simulator 2.

Now Tsundere Looks More Tsundere then it was.


Link :

YouTuber Girls Mod By The Golden Minecart

Get mod here

Fun mod and love meat

Photo 1-1478723764
Photo 2-1478723885

Loves Chatting

Always Together

Also Popular

Only Works In October16th Build

Email Me For Crashing,Volunteers,Any Videos You Made,Pictures And Some Info What Happend To My Mod


Photo 1-1478723764

Megami and other stuff Mod by KawaiCats

Photo 2-1478572513

Added Characters: add Megami Saikou (Replace Kokona) and her suitor

,the Old version(Replace Midori)

And kokona (Replace Pippi)

Photo 4-1478728911
Photo 5-1478728911

Credit: Markmossing for the old megami stockings,

Photo 5-3

and Mougeki Mero for the portraits

bonus: on additional info on Osana and others and a animation to musume when she is at her lunchspot


and its for the November 4th at 2:45 update because the bug of the stockings was fixed


and you can use Megami Saikou hair the grey one

Is my first mod and if there are grammar mistake sorry I tried my best ( i speak spanish)

Guren No Yumiya FULL Mode by The Kira Justice


This Replaces The Attack on Titan Music with full Guren No Yumiya!


Link : Sie Sind Das Essen Und Wir Sind Die Jager

Witness-chan and Victim-chan mod <3

This mod is adding Witness-chan and Victim-chan <3

Also there's no Senpai aura.

Download link:

Sorry for my bad English >.<

**Yandere-Chan Mod ** By KaliuKawaii

Photo 1-1478463476
This Mod creates Yandere-Chan to be a student in place of Musume Ronshaku.

Only Work in October 19th build.


Kanna and others mod by TheFunGame

This mod includes my OC Kanna Kaito and other things like rival-chan!Hw0ChQxK!47UT9dGTSwyhUOOv_xlNmA

I hope you enjoy the mod.

Nurse Mod By The Golden Minecart Yayugi And Televicat

Play With Yandere Dev And The Rivals In One Mod Wow

NOTE: This Mod Is A Skin Dont Mind The Kitty Can Be A Person Sorry 

Get Mod Here :

Nurse May Bug The Game

Only Works With October 16th Bulid
Cute Kitty

Play As Megami Saiko Mod By CasualRainbows

Screenshot (26)-0

This replaces Hatsune Miku's hair with Megami Saiko's hair

NOTE: Megami's uniform only works with the main uniform, not the others. 

Link: DOWN

Only works for the September 29th Build.

Chanda's Mod By Chandi Chalabesa And The Golden Minecart

Get Mod - 

Only Works With October 16th Build

Osana in the old school mod - by JPeg24

Screenshot (1)-0
This is my first mod so don't hate.

This is nothing much really. It just adds Osana Najimi to the old Akademi High School. This mod is created for Yandere Simulator October 8th 2015 build. Please ask to use this mod for making your own but DO NOT take this mod and call it your own.

Please have fun and enjoy!

Osana Info

Oh yeah, Osana Najimi will walk through the gate and head up to the roof top.


Go to to get any version of Yandere Simulator.

"Yandertale" by Oka-Senpai


(Click first:

As a human living underground, going to a school full of monsters, you should remember a key saying you were told when you first came here if you want to keep your senpai.

It's kill or be killed.

Warning: This game contains loud noises and ridiculous memes/trash. Play at your own risk.

Song permission was acquired for use of the soundtracks in this mod by the lovely people that made them known as Hunted and Rush Garcia! Thank you guys for letting me use the songs!

Download Link:

Genocide Challenge: Kill all Undertale Bosses/Mini Bosses in order of the true genocide route (starting with Napstablook) without being caught, saving Sans for last. You must kill any and all students. If the police timer appears on screen, it is automatic game over, aka you failed the challenge. You may not use easter eggs or debug. Teachers optional in this challenge. Good luck.

Known bugs: When the police timer comes on screen, it will bug out and get stuck on "The police arrive at school." When the timer is up. There is also another bug that doesnt allow you to have students distract other students.

A Fun Mod by Oka-Senpai

It's just a fun little mod I made, nothing too special. I tried to make it in time for halloween, but yknow, life.

. .

Actual Description:

After so many deaths, so many resetting the days, so many resets of the week, you have finally imbalanced the capacity of space and time, and allowed fun girl to take over. This is her world now. This is her game now. Welcome to the school where time is gone, space is broken, and the world never changes. The few reminiscent pieces of your true world remain, colorful reminders of what was your own world once, maybe what was once important to you, if it ever was that is.

It is now done.

Quick suggestions for when you play the mod: 'Dont' get a game over. 'Dont' take pictures of anyone. 'Don't' kill anyone near others, and definitely 'don't' read student info. Also, have 'fun'!

One last suggestion is that you lower the atmosphere to around half or lower to get the most fun out of the experience. You don't need fog if you have a lower atmosphere to have a great, which makes it even better.

For the October 16th build only.

Updated Link:

Exchange Students Mod By Ty-dere

The Exchange Students Mod is a mod created by Ty-dere. It has currently not been released but has big plans.

Backstory + Voice Recording

Due to the recent murders and crimes committed at Akademi High School, financial support has collapsed as some students decided to leave the school due to the reoccurring murders. Previously, the school was cushioned on money as it was over $2500 US dollars for a single student each term. The school was strictly Japanese ethnicity only but due to the lack of money, the school has opened its gates to Exchange Students. Some teachers also decided to "bail out" of the school as the extensive self defence training was cancelled as it was one of the more expensive payments forked out by the school. One of the former teachers; Karin Hana (teacher of class 3-1) said that "The school was all perfectly fine until some of the male students came running into classrooms declaring that someone had been hurt. I thought it was just something the nurse could fix, but sometimes the students couldn't live. One of the murdered students was Kokona Haruka. She was eating a bento and apparently she just started to choke and collapsed onto the floor. Now, Kokona speaks to our guidance councellor regularly about her fathers' financial problems with a loan shark company. She makes her own food and the loan is to help her get to school. The police were called into school by Kyoshi as she was monitoring the courtyard at the time. The police foced us all to give biological prints as they found some sort of thread from a silky satin glove. The thread had no DNA attached to it and they questioned things like: "Why would she contaminate her own food if she was happy in herself and didn't want to die?" The police looked into her body and digestive system and found some Grade A poison; a deadly substance used by the class of 3-3. This case in which the poison is held is always locked and needs a key which is only in posession of the headmaster. The headmaster has been absent from the school for the past month as he is dealing with depression and other issues due to a death in his family. The key was taken with him but a student by the name of Info-chan can do almost anything. She is a daughter of a high profile journalist but the case doesn't lead to her as she apparently had her leg amputated due to some sort of dangerous ink attacking blood cells. The police closed the case and the word got about so students started to leave the school and that is why Akademi High has accepted Exchange students into the school."

Voice Recording:

Click here to listen.


These are the new students being featured in the mod.

  • Melissa Ebgon
  • Sarah Haruka(Kokona Haruka's sister)
  • Jana Rana
  • Unannounced
  • Unannounced
  • Unannounced (faculty)

Current Progress

  • Students: 0%
  • Backstories: 29%
  • Portraits: 0%
  • Student Info: 4%

Overall, the mod is about 3% completed.

Rivals Textures V2 by Osanachan2313

This folder have ALL textures of rivals



The texture of Megami and Mida Rana credit by Yandereskins050802

Depression Mod by TheFunGame

Photo 3-1477748497
  • Has all female students do the Mindbroken idle and walk animations
  • My second mod on this wiki

Link: For October 16th build

Dere Mod By RainbowDiamond123 (Updated)

This is updated version of dere mod

Student 2-2

New Stuff


  • Tsundere
  • Dandere
  • Kamidere
  • Undere
  • Mayadere


Will be updated soon

Ask me if you want to improved the mod

Mod to play with Osana Najimi by : Bruno Play

With this mod you can play with Osana Najimi only arrive at school and go by pressing the "H" key to get the hair Osana (this includes the Mod Orange Eye and her socks roses balls) sorry for bad English
  • Work in Build October 16th


Dere Mod By RainbowDiamond123

This mod adds 9 deres type

Tsundere,Kuudere,Dandere,Deredere,Kamidere,Himedere,Coodere,Undere and Mayadere

Change Mai Waifu name to Deredere-chan and change her personality

Add the word "chan" back of Kuudere's name

This mod is work on any builds of yandere simulator!


Might be updated

Ask me if you want to improved the mod

Nude Mod By MadPie

Nudemodbymadpiewip 06 16 09 84 90 ScrnSht 01

Only boys are naked for now, because this mod isn't done!

This mod is only for the October 16th build!

This mod adds naked students as default to the game. Simple isn't it?



If the mod isn't working tell me!

Custom Students Mod v.0.99.99 WIP By: Gamer Kuun

This Mod Add Custom Students for the game but the mod now are not done yet i need:

routine model


hair model

and a texture progammer

link WIP:

Link Wip MediaFire:

MOD 0.99.99

Update: 3 new Students

an modified senpai

new link for MediaFire!!!!!!!!!

Link New DropBox:

Link New MediaFire:

Crush Crush Mod by Pumpkinhero2

This mod adds the girls from Crush Crush! Some of the girls don't look like what they're supposed to look like. This also adds ME in the school!


Old School Mod by Pumpkinhero2

This mod adds new characters in an old build! There is new and old characters!


"Simple Bancho idle" Mod by TheFunGame

  • Gives Yandere-Chan and all other students the Bancho idle animation when paused


Forgive Me if my mod if sort of bland it's my first mod on this wik

Rivals Mod By Mr Karismatic

Karismatic Amai Odayaka

Guys, my rivals mod is finally out! The original mod was made by User:Oka-Senpai. However, I changed a lot of things so that it is practically a completely different mod Please don't be mad and say that I ripped off Oka Senpai because I didn't. I replaced all of his OCs with mine.

Enough of that, now let's get right into the mod! This mod has 9 canon rivals: Osana Najimi, Amai Odayaka, Kizana Sunobu, Oka Ruto, Asu Rito, Mida Rana, Hanako Yamada (Senpai's little sister) and Megami Saiko. However, I couldn't add in Muja Kina so I used one of my OCs, Eikyu Basu, instead.
Karismatic Asu Rito
The challenge is to kill all of the rivals in order (Eikyu replacing the nurse). Do this without Turtle or Debug Commands.
Also, only kill the rivals (without being caught after). Almost forgot, NO EASTER EGGS. Can you beat my challenge? 

WARNING it's very difficult. ;)

Many textures in this md were made by User:Oka-Senpai

Japanese High School Girl mod By GreenSister

Replaces every single student with original characters and changes Yandere-chan's look because this takes place in a different school. I'm going to put a download link.

Things i have to do

Replace students with new characters: DONE

Make portraits for new characters: 40% Done

Give students a new uniform: 0% done (i don't know how)

Make pages for the students: 1% done this is kiangriffiths and i know how to change uniforms message me: jeffrey.griffiths12@gmail,com and ill tell you how

Download Link!e5ZR1QKC

"Fun Girl Mod" by Danielishere

This mod adds Fun Girl as a Unknown Girl with special skin and additional info,


And a little bonus,Computer-chan.

For October 16 build.

Before play this mod,please change value of "fun.txt" I changed the sentence.


This mod requested by Osana Fan.

I hope you like it.

Anaso's world mod by Siruka-chan

This is my first mod ever so i hope you will like it!

NOTE : This mod will be updated frequently


Anaso&#039;s world
  • a whole bunch of texture changes
  • human "fake" club leaders (witth new voices)
  • new delinquent hairs
  • Anaso's hair (replaced with miku hair)
  • Megami hair (i replaced some hairstyle but i forgot :P)
  • New Ebola music plz check it out ;)
  • New megalovania music
  • new nurse hair
  • new stockings for girls
  • probably some other things



Tsundere Simulator by MadPie


This mod is about being a tsundere! It includes:



  • The BAKA button! (replaces laugh button)
  • New characters!
  • New textures!
  • New BAKA stuff!
  • New additinal info for some characters!
  • Did I said it has a BAKA button?
  • And a lot of other stuff I forgot!


Videos by Bijuu Mike and S Pete


Real Osana Najimi is in the game!

I discovered That Osana Najimi is the Unknown student in students.json.I just changed his name into osana najimi and she spawnd as osana.


for october 16 build.

edit 1:She takes his phone call in the first floor near to girls bathroom.

edit 2:She interacts with senpai!

No Gravity MOD by Pikachuk

This mod remove the gravity of the game for everything, the students, the teachers, even the objects and the bucket will fly.

download link :

(remove the (3) in the name and place it in yanderesimulator_data\managed folder of the september 29th build)

Rivals Mod by MadPie


This mod includes:

  • Some canon rivals.
  • Custom events for these rivals.
  • Drastical changes for some students.
  • Custom additonal info.

Note: I'm not trying to copy anyone. My first version of the Rivals Mod was released April this year and it only had two rivals.

Known bug: You can not douse a student during her phone call.

This mod is for the September 24 build only.

Download link:

(Remember to replace the files correctly!)

Download september 24 build:

EDIT: This mod got so popular! I didn't expected that! Thanks everyone!!!

1980s mod by TheMagicalDino

Im gonna make mod adding students like:

Koneko Haruka (Kokona's mom).

Yoko Hiragi (Senpai's mom).

I need somebody to help me with portraits.


Some student's don't have creative designs.

Glich/Bug: The journalist doesn't react to murders or corpes

My mod is different from Bluecats and Alex Ocerator's mod!

Update: Junko Mina and Yuu Basu now Cuddle.

Updated version:

Demon Mod Demo by TheMagicalDino


This is my first mod soooo this is only on the JSON file.

This mod is about protecting your senpai from evil demons who came to school.


Fun Day mod WIP DEMO by Pikachuk

The fun girl takes the control of yandere simulator,work in progress of a future mod this demo shows what kind of things could be possible and doesn't show everything, more things will be available in the future and the mod will be complete

- Killing Kokona is required to progress the story with the mod.

- If you have a black screen after the fun girl that's normal, it means that it loads something.

-Sometimes launching a second time the game can be a good idea.

download link of the WIP :


Nobody gave me feedback of the english version I can conclude that nobody in the community that is English is really interested by this mod, therefor the English version won't be updated


decompress into yanderesimulator_data\managed of the 29th september build

This mod could become in the future, the best mod that I've ever made

video :



Kawaii Mod , Freeze Mod By DogKike

Kawaii Mod Freeze Mod Presents , Rival Final

This Mod Makes you see things kawaii and some Rivals

Who takes part in which event

Phone Toilet Moving Bathe
Motsure Utsuku Okina Aisuru
Test Slaves instead of going to the bush went back to the Fountain No Rivals
Final The place to stalk is back the Fountain Rivals
MainMenuCute MainMenuDark Full Sanity High Sanity None Sanity
Music Hoshi No Kaabii OST : Sleepy Kirby Hoshi No Kaabii OST : Tears of the Forest Hoshi No Kaabii OST : Kirby March Hoshi no Kaabii OST : Popstar Hoshi no Kaabii OST : Pink visitor

Only September 23th Build


Delinquent Rival V2 by Oka-Senpai


This mod will allow you to be the leader of the rivals in terms of custom appearance. Includes:

  1. Custom Face
  2. Uniform
  3. Modded Hair
  4. Gym Uniform
  5. Nude
  6. Swimsuit


Not Another Rivals Mod By Oka-Senpai

I wish there wasnt so many rival mods out there already, especially when I started one before I realized how many there were! I still am going to post mine though due to people really wanting me to.


DONT REPORT BUGS TO YANDEREDEV CAUSED BY THIS MOD. Also, to decrease chances of this mod screwing up royally, I advise that you do not tamper with the sharedassets or json or dll files any more than i already have. It might make the whole mod blow up or something.

Previous build's bugs have been fixed, you can now go to class again and not have the screen freak out. Rival chan was also fixed texture wise.


  • Osana Najimi, Amai Odayako, Kizana 'Haruka'(kokona reference), Asu Rito hair color, Muja Kina substitute Nurse, substitute teacher Mida Rana, Osoro Shidesu, Hanako Yamamda, Megami Saiko.
  • All have custom info/clubs, some have special animations and destinations. Some include extra strength boosts to their character or certain personalities.
  • Custom meshes/textures for hair, accessories, some special routines.

CHALLENGE: Eliminate all rivals that you can in one week WITHOUT using the debug commands to do anything(including the turtle except for enable/disable sanity animations and pass time +/= button) or easter eggs. You can only acquire skills including seduction/strength/reputation via manually through days or clubs! Also remember, DONT GET CAUGHT~.

Edit: This Challenge is in fact possible, but I advise you take your time with it and actually explore or boost stats and learn info before you go stabbing everyone.(Dont forget dem panty shots).

Build Additions

Sept 29th

Oct 16th

Two different versions made.

Version 1: Added Nurse, New Hair meshes, Improved

textures, misc little things

Version 2: Added back Oka Ruto's hair because it just wasnt right without it.

Most Recent Build(Oct 16):

Updates Link
Sept 29th Osana
Sept 29th Amai
October 16th All (Most Recent) Version 1:

Version 2: ☀

Thank you for making my mod so popular, I never thought it would be good enough for people to like it so much! Also, shout out to Bijuu Mike for playing this he's a wonderful youtuber, my suggestion though would be not to try and get everyone all at the same time. ;) Also thank you to BTB Gamers for enjoying this mod, it makes me really happy and you inspired me to try and put the nurse into this mod now.

Playable Ghost Chan : "Ghost Mode" by Pikachuk

This mod replaces the Ebola mode by the Ghost mode, the music, the idle pose and the character are changed, for the september 24th build


Download link :

Reverse School Students + New students

Photo 13-0
Photo 16-0
Photo 16-0
Photo 15-0
Photo 9-1

What this mod does: (This will be a long list)

  1. Switches Senpai with Budo Masuta(chane senpai hair to 2)
  2. Switches Yui Rio with Midori Gurin
  3. Switches Yuna Hina with Pippi Osu
  4. Switches Koharu Hinata with Kuu Dere
  5. Switches Mei Mio with Mai Waifu
  6. Switches Saki Miyu With Inkyu Basu
  7. Switches Kokona Haruka With Sakyu Basu
  8. Students 8-13 (New characters, they are all from the drama club and most of them have a crush on senpai! You must kill them!!!)
  9. Switches Sho Kunin With Shin Higaku
  10. Switches Juku Ren With Chojo Tekina
  11. Switches Mina Rai With Supana Churu
  12. Switches Shima Shita With Kokuma Jutsu
  13. Switches Oka Ruto With Musume Ronshaku
  14. Switches Ryuto Ippongo With Daku Atsu
  15. Changed the teachers hair to different colors

And thats all


simply extract the file and follow the instructions inside of it

For build: September 24th/23th/22th

There is a bug that causes the game to kind of crash after you go to class and put points into the things you want the screen turns white and it does the class noise over and over again, what you need to do is click esc to go to the main menu and click resume that way the points you used in the school subjects are there as you left them before it crashed

This is my firs mod hope you enjoy (made by Tsundere-chan06) It would be cool if Azzman or Kubz did a video with this mod :D 

The case of jealousy of Pippi + Pippi Osu Skin

This MOD is about a history that takes place in school.

Pippi is absent from the gaming club, her teacher had asked to help with some things. The days passed, and while it seems that another girl joins her club. Pippi quickly realises that she is stealing her reputation and most importantly, the heart of Ryuto. How can this be possible? She had stolen her seat. She can not stand this feeling of void. She had to stop her. Anyway. If you can eliminate Pippi's rival then you will fulfill your desire and you will be forever with Ryuto. As in the next video...

Imagen MOD 2

Now it´s YOUR turn to kill her:


Sorry, the video isn't ready yet.

Anyway thanks to Sonrrisitas Parody fans for making this public MOD.

Rivals Mod V1 By TaroSans01


This mod add these rivals into the game

Osana Najimi (Senpai's Childhood Friend)

Hanako Yamada (Senpai's Imouto)

Megami Saiko (Student Council President)

Hanna Tashiwaka (Victim Chan)


And these additions

Added a new Oka's hair

Added a new student


Download Link: (This mod is from September 3th)

P.S: Please don't report any bugs to YANDERE DEV

Madness Mod By DogKike

This Mod Makes You Have Headache xD

1° Version Oka Back the Fountain The Teachers were directly to the wall The Place Mourn , was in the cafeteria
2°Version Oka Back the Fountain Spirals Everywhere White incinerator , Different Music of Sanity
Madness Mod - Crazy Mod - Drugs Mod - EyesBroken Mod
Events , Who makes the events?
Version Phone Toilet Moving Bath
1° Version Oka Mina Mai Saki
2° Version Pippi Musume Midori Saki


Megami Saiko Uniform and Hair Mod by TaroSans01

StudentCounsil Mod

This mod adds the hair Megami Saiko in Yandere chan, well I do not need to say anything else right ... Oh yes I need created this mod in order Dyslexiela. Have fun!

Download Link:(Final Rival Version)


Black Hair: (Laptop Girl)

And the laptop mode is in order Doubleshoot01

This mod is from September 3th

Jackson Dunning's OCs'

This is just the JSON file edited it has people I edited, so please download this and it works with the update when senpai reads at the fountain and up.

LATEST BUILD - September 3rd, 2016

Downloads: (Extract these zip files to the StreamingAssets folder inside the YandereSimulator_Data folder)



Rivals Mod V1.0 ! By NightmareTheTeek

=== my second mod i know the ccl has a diffrent portrait all of these are not 100% accurate also bugs in this version ===


P.S you can't win if you kill all the rivals

Rivals V1.0

credit for the people that made the portraits idk who they are i just found the portraits in google images

Download Link:

The Cyan Attacks: Saki Mod by DogKike (Down for now)




Almost School are Blue

Creates Mod

Almost All NPC are Saki

Game Over Fake Edited

Almost all NPC are Saki





Link OLD: 's_Mod

Only Yandere By NightmareTheTeek

=== this is my 1st mod so you may expect some bugs or glitches try this mod it's kinda funny so yah it adds yanderes to your game thats all it litterilly does (sorry for bad english) ===

Download Link:

Random Students Mod By RainbowchanIsDank

(About time I made a mod) This is a amazing spectacular mod by the Fabulos Rainbow. With awesome features such as:

Almost fully Random Characters! (Accept like Oka, Shin, Musume, and Hayato.)

3 species OF PIPPI!

Moar Rivals!

Some Gai Bois ;^)

And A Osana

Download: Super Sexy Download Link

Characters: ;3

Okay. I KNOW there isn't any Portraits yet, That will be updated with those in the future, So stay tuned! ;^)

Pose mods by kgftbz

Finally, I release my trademark mod!, And its source code!

Credit to DaZombieKiller for YandereScriptHook.!coAUVaaa!Lx0JVicZuvFQHboIw_olkQ

There is the New and the Old one.

The New one is easier to understand.

The Old one is really bad made, I am ashamed of it!

I only release the Old one because it has more freedom and you can do things with it that you can't with the new one.

There is a even older Pose mod where you can have fun with Custom Animations!!d1BgyChJ!lz6jOSEsY6Zq-RCopmYBCA

Ian Rookie Mod V1.1 by Ian Rookie

This mod adds Ian Rookie's OCs, SonrisitasParodyFans is helping with the mod.


Nothing But Yanderes Mod By BudoTheSuda

This mod Makes everyone at school be blue haired yanderes

This Mod Is Not Compatible with any build below august 2nd

Works With (Build)

Added Mods

September 3rd


September 1st

teachers added

August 19th


August 16th


August 15th

rival chan head with keyblade

August 2nd


The Rival Chan and Keyblade mod is not by me, give credit to Pikachuk.

Link:Not Ready

Interactable Senpai Mod by BudoTheSuda

This mod Makes Senpai Osana Najima

And the 10th Student Senpai


Download Link: Portraits:

Json File:

Only Dark: The Oka Mod

August 19

September 1

Starting the mod making

Almost all red school

Almost all NPCs are Oka

Sanity music edited

Edited avatars

The nurse's hair, stockings and outfit are all red

All students wear black uniforms

Some weapons are blue

Music rights for Nintendo

This mod makes all students (besides Senpai) Oka Ruto.

Only September 1st Build.

Link :

All students and teachers water/blood/gasoline bucket compatibles by Pikachuk

This mod makes all the students and teachers compatible with the bucket, we can throw water/blood/gasoline on anyone even the teachers


bonus content : midori description changed and 100 cans each time when we use the distributors

download link :

for the september 3rd build

Rival, Youtuber And Cartoon mod By Luke mods for yan-sim

This mod replaces all Students (Besides senpai) with a rival youtuber or cartoon character! also 1 minor change

Kids in martial arts and occult now stand outside of the room and talk to each other like the kids in the court yard

Also thank Blue Cats, Alex Ocreator, SmolChildYanYan and Angelcrest52 for helping by giving sugestions

You can download the mod here BUT read the how to download note


KawaiiHair Mod by SonrisitasParodyFans

This mod add KawaiiHair as a rival.


Kingdom Hearts Mod by Pikachuk

This mod contains :

- all the students transformed to no-hearts (black with yellow eyes except Mai Waifu, her eyes continue to

change color)

- the katana replaced by a Keyblade with color and true model from kingdom hearts on ps2

- the music changed with the sanity level

- The "Game over" music and the sound effects of the game over screen replaced

- the Hatsune miku hair is replaced by a hood and the uniform of yandere chan is black, it's inspired by the organisation XIII costume

Download :

this mod is made for the 19th august build

Only Green: The Midori Gurin Mod by DogKike

This mod makes all students (except senpai ) look like midori




School Green

Gym Green

Nurse , Eyes , Hair

and Costume Green

Few Weapons Green

And Blue

Special Uniforms for

Students (With Bugs)

Pijama and Green Basement

Clubs Green

And More.

Creation of Mod

All But senpai are Midori.

Link New:!

Link Old:

For the August 19th Build.


Midori Twin Mod By Yandere6316

This mod makes Midori have a twin brother! Yay!

Works with August 19th build.

Oka Senpai Mod + Amaya Ruto by OkaxAyano

This mod changes Senpai to Oka Ruto and gives Oka a sister who runs the Occult Club instead.

For the August 19th build.

Download link for the mod:

Character Select Mod by Alex Ocreator

This mod lets you play as either Musume Ronshaku,Oka Ruto,Osana Najimi,Midori Gurin or Sakyu Basu!


Link to mod:

Playable Osana Najimi and lollipop over katana by Pikachuk

This mod replaces the hair of Hatsune Miku by the hair of Osana Najimi, replaces her clothes, and replaces the katana with a giant lollipop.

For the August 19th build.

Download link :

YandereDev said that he won't shut down this mod, but he said that it will be useless in two months with the official inclusion of Osana.

Rival-chan head and keyblade over katana mod by Pikachuk

For the August 15th build.

It replaces the Miku hairstyle by the entire Rival-chan head, and

the katana is replaced by a keyblade too.

It's a 3D import mod, the texture of the keyblade doesn't work and she is reversed but it works.

Download link :!7lZk1DDK!DxpwQAel19x0wuXHLWJD7tGx16rLvwRGBrTIm4POc-w

Nostalgia mod by French Fries (AkikoChan1)

This is for the August 15th 2016 build, it changes some of the students by removed and spin-offs ones. This mod also changes characters textures, and music by the old ones.

Download :

Memories Mod

At the moment only for the 2015 Nov 1st build only.

This mod adds RivalChan, Oka Ruto, InfoChan, And the new Nurse as actual characters that you can talk to or kill.

And you can even play as any of them as well.

Mod Link:!coAUVaaa!Lx0JVicZuvFQHboIw_olkQ

Old builds link:

Soon, I'll add Rival-chan to a new build that has the new attack animations.

I used the Nurse mod to add the new nurse to this mod.

I did not made the Nurse mod.

If you want the Real Nurse mod, you can find its download link on a youtube video somewhere.

Rivals, new characters and new Sakyu Basu hair

This mod changes all boys into girls. all ten rivals are there. This mod also changed Sakyu's hair. Also I added victim chan, witness chan and student chan.

(The mod creator had to make Yandere-Chan's hair cyan)


=== ===


Rainbow Rivals mod by bluecats (You can never have TOO MANY rainbows-princessaire)

This mod is simple: it changes all the rivals hair colors to rainbow except for Oka Ruto (because i couldnt and because dark is cuter for her) and the nurse.

Hope you like it.


compatible: august 2nd

Customize Mod 2 !

Edit any student's Hair style, color, clothes, textures!

Play as any of them!

Make them play about 90 animations of the game!

Noclip mode!

And more stuff that I forgot!!coAUVaaa!Lx0JVicZuvFQHboIw_olkQ

Xeli's Character Replacer Mod

This mod replaces Kokona Haruka and Saki Miyu with Akemi Hanabusa and Miki Osagawa, This mod is compatible with the August 2nd build. Down load here

Sakuta Sisters Mod by Bluecats

This mod replaces the Basu Sisters with the Sakuta Sisters, and modifies Musume Ronshaku's Hair

It is compatible with the August 2nd build 2016


Vocaloid Mod by Yandere6316

This Mod replaces students to be 12 different vocaloids.

Works with August 2nd build.

All 10 Rivals Mod by Yandere6316

This mod replaces some students so that they look like the final rivals.

Works with August 2nd build.

Yandere Chan Mod by Yandere6316

This mod makes all students and teachers Yandere-Chan.

Works with August 2nd build.

No smoke patch by Pikachuk

This mod will remove the smoke of the bathroom and the smoke when someone is naked too

to use it launch as administrator, indicate the YandereSimulator_Data directory and click on next, it will patch the game and the smoke is removed

Horror Mod by kgftbz

The horror mod is now public !

Its for the june 6st build only.!coAUVaaa!Lx0JVicZuvFQHboIw_olkQ

Customize mod by kgftbz

You can edit the students and play as any of them.

Its for the june 29th build only.!coAUVaaa!Lx0JVicZuvFQHboIw_olkQ

Win Mod by kgftbz

It's for the June 3rd build only.!coAUVaaa!Lx0JVicZuvFQHboIw_olkQ

Multiple eastereggs mod

only for the may 4th and 7th builds, its inside the old mod folder.!coAUVaaa!Lx0JVicZuvFQHboIw_olkQ

Student-chan Mod: By MetalBreakerZ

This only works with the june 1st build.

Do you miss the old old old students you know those students in a 2014 and 2015? Well if you just download this mod you can have it.

Download Link:

KuudereKun1/TheLegendary Diamond's Mod

Everyone grows and shrinks mod downloads. This is a mod that I will try to update every time Yandere Simulator updates. Try it, it's fun! ALSO ONLY REPORT BUGS OF MY MOD ON MY CHANNEL DISSCUSION TAB, NOWHERE ELSE! I just don't want YanDev to stop my mod like they did to the other size mod because this is just for fun and surprisingly hard to make but now there's more to the mod ( : WHAT VERSION IS THIS FOR?

Latest Update

Last Update(s)

W1D4J's mods

Anime based mods:

Showing people "how to make real quality mods".

Madoka Magica "Mod" Mitakihara Middle School

Higurashi When They Cry "Mod" Hinamizawa Branch School

K-on! "Mod" Sakuragaoka High School

Glitch monsters:


Exchange Students: Tsundere-chan version




Version 1


November 8, 2015

Four students were added.

Link: [13]

Size Mod

NOTE: This Mod uses a delayed upload schedule as of the March 31st build, due to people reporting bugs in the mod to YandereDev.

Creators video: (Check here if links below aren't up to date)


Game Version

Upload Date



April 15th, 2016



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January 2nd, 2016


Tranquilizer Mod by MetalBreakerZ

The Tranquilizer mod for Yandere Simulator made by MetalBreakerZ (AKA Johny "Bill Kerman" Michelson) is a mod that allows you to tranquilize anyone, at any place, at any time.

Tired of closing the door to be able to tranquilize someone? This mod is for you!

Want to tranquilize people wherever you want? This mod is for you!

This mod also allows you to tranquilize male students. You can also store an unlimited amount of tranquilized students in the musical case, but only the most recent student put in the musical case will appear in your basement. The others will come to school the next day. When you tranquilize a student and don't put them in the musical case, the day will end normally and they will come to school the next day, and the school atmosphere will drop.

Download Links:

Standalone mod:

Mod bundled with the size mod: (for the size mod, credit goes to MMMIK13

Mod bundled with Frame Hero mod and size mod: (for the size mod, credit goes to MMMIK13

Mod bundled with size mod and Osana mod

Info about Frame Hero mod:

This mod allows you to frame a hero for a murder-suicide. Basically do the steps for framing Kokona (you can pick any weapon), and while still having the weapon and wearing gloves, kill someone and let a hero see you. Win the struggle. Do the stuff you normally do when you frame Kokona (drop the weapon, dispose of gloves etc.). When the police come, they will find the fingerprints of the hero that fought you on the weapon.

To install, simply extract the zip, open the folder and copy the dll to your Yandere Sim Directory\YandereSim(version)_Data\Managed. Replace the file.

I recommend backing up the original DLL.


GreenSister's OC Mod

=== This is coming soon! It shows My oc's Planned ===

or already made!'s_OC_Mod_V1

KawaiiTohru's Mods

KawaiiTohru OC Mod V1.



This mod includes the youtubers, KubzScouts, Azzman, Bjuu Mike,PrettyGrumpyBear and Mistchive Games.

This mod is compatible with Feb21st Version2 2016.

KawaiiTohru OC Mod V2.

Hidden Girl Mod

Demonic Yandere-Chan+Killable Senpai Mod By:Zand53

(March 5th Build)

[[14]] (Pictures)

WhyDoINeedAName1 Custom OC mod (Down for now)

=== Download the mod here Reques

your OCs here i might be featuring some of your OCs. =3 ===

Download portraits here

This works with April 15, 2016 Build (Trying to update to may 4th build)

Evil Teachers and Girly Boys Mod By Darklight

I turned the teachers evil made 6 boys into girls but did not change the portraits (I don't know how to make custom portraits) and may have changed the hair color or to greened hair students to orange now it is a rainbow (Igloo is a shade so igloo by default is not a color or the rainbow) and Yui is a Social Butterfly now.


now for may 3rd 2016


Hunie Mod by IChibiSenpai


The Hunie Mod adds everyone from HuniePop and HunieCam Studio (excluding the "magical girls" from HuniePop, Kyu, Celeste, Momo, and Venus.)

Girls not included in this mod:





Boys Became Girls Mod V1.1 by SonrisitasParodyFans

=== This mod makes all male students (except Senpai) to girls, and as a bonus Koharu and Mai's crush was changed. Download ===

Popular Characters Mod V3.0 (formely Ayano Mod) (Remade) by SonrisitasParodyFans

This mod was originally cancelled, but another version was made.

This add popular anime characters, vocaloids or Youtube user, also this add other characters.

=== NOTE: V3.0 include some youtubers or characters will be only know in the Spanish Fanon, one for an show who the creator like. Download ===

The New Student Pack Mod By Pumpkinhero2

OC Mod

Replaces ALL students (except Musume Ronshaku) and changes their schedule a bit. I hope you enjoy! :)

Credit to Pixel Sheikah and Hømøzygosis for the portraits.

It will be updating soon.

August 2th - No Updates.

September 1st - Changed Schedules More.

September 3rd - Changed Schedules More. Added a new student. Got rid of a student. Changed a teacher. Changed personas. Added a new skin for protagonist.

September 22nd - Added new students. Got rid of a student. Added new skin for protagonist.

Rival-chan mode by kgftbz

=== This mod adds Rival-chan, Oka Ruto, Info-chan and the Nurse as normal Npc like Senpai. Link to mod:!coAUVaaa!Lx0JVicZuvFQHboIw_olk ===

Sam's Custom Everything Mod by JustSamSamSam


This mod is a mod that has replaced every student (even Yandere-Chan) and includes the splash liquid on anyone mod by Pikachuk. Please read the text document called "Install Instructions & Other Stuff" to get the full experience.

Picture of new Yandere Chan.

Kokona with Osana's Stockings (Mod)

Kokona osana stockings
Just a simple mod that changes Kokona's Stockings to Osana's. I don't even know if it's complex enough to be considered a mod, haha.


*This mod was made for the September 29th build, but it will probably work on other recent build as well*

*If you want it on an older build where Kokona doesn't have stockings at all yet, please contact me*

Replace Ponyo : Split Mod by FlakyRed


------google translate-------

"We share the same space-time."

Ordinary high school students Ponyo Boo, began to happen that strange from someday
Some say they saw her in a place where she didn't go.

Sometimes they fee

l at the moment a Spooky sensation

Pictures begin to come out blurry, only Ponyo herself

"That place should be my place,

"The name must be my name,
Yandere Simulator Mod Replace Ponyo02:19

Yandere Simulator Mod Replace Ponyo

"Pona Boo should be my sister,

"The one who stands real becomes real"

[Delete successfully Ponyo Boo, accustomed to real Ponyo Boo!]

-Be aware of the near ones of -Ponyo Boo! People will notice that you are the same person two people in the same space!

-Do not Barre to my sister that you want to delete the -Ponyo Boo! Words, you do not need!

-Do not noticed the body of Ponyo Boo! If the known death of Ponyo Boo will not be able to replace the Ponyo Boo!

This mod is incomplete I only changed the textures, JSON and student info

this is a concept vid

Custom Students mods v.0.99.99 BY: Gamer Kun


now have 3 new students and a modified Senpai

MOD 0.99.99


3 new students

modified senpai

fixed senpai name


link old:


99 NPC's in one location for maximum murder mayhem!

ULTIMATE DEATH ORGY (MOD) - Yandere Simulator08:30

ULTIMATE DEATH ORGY (MOD) - Yandere Simulator

(incl. JSON & Portraits)


99 NPC's will all gather at Kyoshi's spot out front after changing their shoes. 1 special NPC will sit alone next to the mind slave bush since his aura gets in the way. Use Falcon punch for maximum destruction, Bad Time mode, and Ebola are great also. Use DK Mode on them and you can use an additional easter egg. Place the camera on the roof then teleport down for best viewing angles. At 7:15 the NPC's will disperse and return a few times, then at 7:20 they will all go to the Faculty Room at Kyoshi's seat for indoor killing!

Featuring famous YouTubers like: Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Kubz Scouts, Razzbowski, AzzMan, Bijuu Mike, PrettyGrumpyBear, S Pete, BTB Gamers Clay & Tom, Hatsune Elissu, and many more!

Dismember certain people to trigger the infinite heads glitch!

DOWNLOAD (last tested with Nov 19th 2016 build)

Sailor Moon Mod! by Masiveman4 and TheFunGame

Sailor Moon mod! 16th of october (my first mod on here :D)

i need help with the student info, once someone helps me with that i can post mod, so would any of you like to help?

Sailor moon

(She doesnt do this i just added this for a preview of what she looks like)

Sailor moon replaces oka beacuse of the fact that oka has a differant skin so i could retexture it, i havn't changed her routine or anything special, if this gets enough attension i will update it.

if you want to volenteer to help please message me on my wall!

Helpers: STARTRICK360 (on discord), and TaroSans01

(the file is in a RAR format, if it doesnt work you should get winRAR its free!)



Hair mod Osana for females only' the Osana hair for females only it doesn't work on the teachers and i changed a animation when the all the girls socialize supposed to at lunch it's a surprise animation that i changed in the JSON i prefer not to mess with unless you know how to BTW i tested it and it still works for this debug build

If they're floating while at the animation it's because they're are no seats and i can't code them so don't bug me about it *Pun intended* Senapi gender is swapped as well i hope you also like it

Anzen High School mod [WIP] by DeterminationStay


Story: Anzen High School is a place in Sendai, Miyagi. In 1996 a massacre happened in the school. Many people died. The people that died will be you killing all the people. There are Heroic students as well. The massacre happened on July 30, 1996. The day starts on the 29th. Your objective is to kill more than 10 people. Do not get restrained.

Mod Cameo

The secret life of Kokona by SpiriLynx

IMG 0659
This mod provides you playing with Kokona Haruka.

Change Ayano by Kokona,change the placeholder club leader texture and more.

Mod Link :

For the November 19th Build

Ebola-chan student Mod by Brun00Play

Hello everyone, this is my mod to add Ebola-chan as a student, his concept is quite simple here is the preview:

Preview Ebola-chan mod
  • Working on the last build November 19th
  • This Mod replaces:
  • The student Koharu Hinata.
  • The hairstyle, the Skin and the color of Musume's hairstyle.
  • The hairstyle and the color of Pippi Osu's hairstyle.
  • And the animation of the PE teacher;

Here is the download link:

Yandere Simulator 1980`s Mod! (By: HavenSimmer)

In this mod you get to play as Ryoba Ashi (Yandere-chan`s Mother)! You are still in Akademi High School but you are in the past generation the went to Akademi High School in 1989. This is the 1980`s Mod this is a concept of The 1980`s mode that might be implemented in Yandere Simulator. There are New Music in the mod at the school, Yandere-Chan`s Bedroom, at night in her bedroom and in her basement.


Photo 2-1477274090

This is Midori`s Mother!

Rules: Enjoy The Mod!



New Student for 1980`s mod!-0

This is Musume`s Mother

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