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Modern Journalist
Student Info
Career Journalism
Reputation 14
Club None
Age 24
Persona None
Crush None
Additional Info Is now investigating the current deaths at Akademi High


This unnamed journalist seeks to go into stories nobody else dares to seek, he seeks the truth behind any mystery, and uncover the unknown. He is a strong willful man, he works with the local news station that broadcasts in Buraza Town. He is recently one of the journalist trying to figure out the murder behind the crime scenes. He sometimes walks around school during studying hours to look for any suspicious actions or needed evidence. 


This journalist use to be self-employed due to him being fired from his other job, he later found a chance to apply for a new job, he took this opportunity and started working straight away.


"what the hell am i even doing! It's so obvious... i-i can't believe it!"

The journalist gets closer on how to find the person behind the slaughters. 

The journalists camcorder. It comes with night vision!

(he'll never find out it's yandere-chan)

"Hey, stop it you!"

when witnessing murder

"What the!"

when discovering a corpse

"Drop that!"

when he sees Ayano Aishi wielding a weapon

"i-is that blood! Then.."

when he sees Ayano with blood stains.


  • This character is based on Miles uphser from the horror game Outlast.
  • He doesn't trust Akademi High due to him having bad memories there from the past.

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