The PME engine (Pikachuk Modding Engine) has been updated and is compatible with the Unity 5 build of Yandere simulator. You can also use Pose Mod and UAEBE

Since Yandere Simulator is made in Unity, it can be modded. There are various types of modding:

Texts Modding

You can modify all the game texts with Pikachuk's "Yandere Text Editor"

File Contents:

File Name Text Content
  • 'Press any button to continue'
  • Random warning
  • Text from beginning credits
  • Main menu text
  • Senpai creation screens
  • Yandere-chan cutscene (when you press 'New Game')
  • Info-chan cutscene
  • Musume's father cutscene
  • Grateful Kokona cutscene
  • Challenges Menu
  • Senpai shrine
  • Phone/pause menu
  • Stats menu
  • Info-chan menu
  • Website (where you gossip)
  • Conditions from Mission Mode
  • Misc. Mission Mode text
  • Torturing (menu, conversations, etc.)
  • Descriptions of panties and their buffs
  • Manga things (name, description, etc.)
  • Tasks
  • Actions (grab, pour, etc.)
  • Drops menu
  • Kokona's Wednesday events
  • Some Mission Mode ending screen text
  • Megami (laptop girl)'s monolouge
  • Kidnapping checklist
  • Debug menu
  • Easter egg menu
  • Student reactions (murder, holding weapon, bloodiness, etc.)
  • Teacher reactions
  • Senpai reactions
  • Matchmaking (talking to students, menu, and responses)
  • More tasks stuff
  • Clubs
  • Demon world
  • Info-chan menu
  • School subject menu
  • All Mission Mode failure messages
  • Mind-broken slave speech
  • Fail screen
  • Guidance counselor stuff
  • Notes
  • Tapes
  • 'Offer Help' cutscene
  • Topics
  • Confession cutscene
  • Saki and Kokona lunchtime event
  • Osana phone call and Kokona phone call
  • Osana and Senpai Monday interactions
  • Kokona 'Befriend' cutscene
  • More main menu stuff
  • Yanvania
  • Phone menu
  • Fun girl defense
  • No text
  • Mission mode side text
  • Loading
  • Welcome screen

Topics.json Modding

By modding the game's Topics.JSON file, you can edit the students' opinions on different conversational topics.

You can see all info here: Modding: Topics.json.

Students.json Modding

By modding the game's Students.json file, you can edit the game's students in a variety of ways.

You can see all info here: Modding: JSON Files.

Assembly-CSharp.dll Modding

By modding the game's Assembly-UnityScript.dll file, you can do all sorts of things, like edit the students' additional info, make new hair and eye colours for students and etc.

You can see all the information here: Modding: Assembly-UnityScript.dll.

Cutscene Commands Modding

Cutscene commands give a whole new world of modding. With them, you can change student textures without replacing any textures, give otherwise unusable hairstyles to students, and much more.

You can see all of the information here: Modding:Cutscene Commands

Pikachuk Modding Engine

PME engine allows mods to replace the entire school, entire characters models and more, you can get more informations here  :

Sharedassets.assets Modding

Texture Modding

This kind of modding is used by those who want to make custom hair colors, uniforms or such. In order to mod the game's assets using this method, you will need the Unity Asset Editor program.


  1. Open Unity Asset Editor. (If you do not have UAE yet, the download link is here.)
  2. Select the sharedassets files of the Data folder desired.(Look to list of sharedassets for the desired texture location).
  3. Choose the file you want and export it. If it is a texture that you want to edit, this is what the file MUST look like when you export it. To export, Right-Click the name of the texture file and hit 'Export':

    Look for files with the type "Texture" as shown

    If you do NOT see any files that are type 'Texture', reopen UAE and the sharedassets file and try again.
  4. Edit the texture(s) as you want (You need an image editing program that has DDS support. Paint.NET supports DDS, but be sure to set Mipmapping to auto while saving your image or it will not upload correctly.)
    What you need to set when saving a DDS file on Paint

    This needs to be checked when saving a DDS file for a Texture on Paint.NET.

  5. After editing them, save them and import them in the UAE to replace the old texture. Make sure that you saved the texture to the same name as the old texture before uploading.
  6. Save all the changes and play the game.The textures you edited will appear in-game.
  7. IF YOUR TEXTURE DOES NOT UPLOAD PROPERLY AFTER BEING EDITED MAKE SURE THAT IT IS BOTH MIPMAPPED FROM THE EDITING PROGRAM /AND/ THAT THE OPTIONS CHOSEN FOR THE TEXTURE MATCH THE REQUIRED PROGRAMMING FOR THE GAME. Most opaque textures use a format called "DXT1" while most transparent and translucent textures use a format called "DXT5." You can change the format while saving your edit. Make sure it matches up to the format that the game requires.

WARNING: If UAE keeps crashing when you try to load a texture, do this: Go into the Texture Plugins folder in the UAE files, and then go into the NODX file, it'll contain Texture.dll. Copy the file and go into the Plugins folder. Enter the Default folder and paste it.

Tutorial (Separate Program):

  1. Assets file button

    The 'Open Assets-file' button in Unity Assets Explorer

    Open Unity Asset Explorer (download it here.)
  2. Click the 'Open Assets-file' button
  3. Open the .assets file that contains the textures you want to edit.
  4. Use the search bar located below the list of files to find the texture you want.

    The sharedassets folder.

  5. Right click on the file you want to edit.
  6. Select 'Extract This File'.
  7. Find the place where it exported your files. (Trust me. I had to find mine.)
  8. Edit the texture(s) as you want (You need an image editing program that has DDS support. Paint.NET supports DDS, but be sure to set Mipmapping to auto while saving your image or it will not upload correctly.)
  9. Shared assets 8

    Me importing a DDS file in sharedassets8.assets

    Save the file in the folder where the original was exported, making sure the name is the same. Replace the old one.
  10. Go back to UAE and right click on the file you just edited.
  11. Select 'Import This File From DDS'.
  12. Click the button that says 'Save As Assets-file' and save over the old file.

Texture List:

This is a list of what is contained in each of the sharedassets files texture wise.

sharedassets.assets files Textures
sharedassets0.assets - Pink gradient texture- GUI textures

- VignetteMask texture

sharedassets1.assets - N/A
sharedassets2.assets - All sponsor logo textures
sharedassets3.assets - Hair colour textures:* - HairGreen (Used in older builds of the game)
  • - HairCyan (Used in older builds of the game)
  • - HairPurple (Used in older builds of the game)
  • - HairRed (Used in older builds of the game)
  • - HairYandere (Used by Yandere-chan's default hairstyle)
  • - DrillHair (Used by Yandere-chan's drill hairstyle)

- Misc. character textures:

  • - Blush
  • - YandereEyes
  • - YandereFace
  • - YandereHair
  • - GreenStockings (Used by Midori Gurin)
  • - Eyepatch
  • - SkirtShadow

- Skybox textures

- Misc. school textures

- Some Yandere-chan uniform textures:

  • - DarkZTR (Uniform 1)
  • - DarkZTRBlazer (Uniform 5)
sharedassets4.assets - Male hairstyle textures- Male skin and face textures.

- Female skin and face textures.

- Some Yandere-chan uniform textures:

  • - LongSleeveZTR (Uniform 2)
  • - SweaterZTR (Uniform 3)
  • - BlazerZTR (Uniform 4)
  • - OriginalUniformZTR (Uniform 6)

- Male uniform textures:

  • - m01_schoolwear_000_h (Uniform 1)
  • - m01_schoolwear_200_h (Uniform 2)
  • - m01_schoolwear_400_h (Uniform 3)
  • - MaleBlazer (Uniform 4)
  • - MaleDarkBlazer (Uniform 5)
  • - MaleOriginalUniform (Uniform 6)

- Misc. textures

sharedassets5.assets - Dark logo (Red and black Yandere Simulator logo) texture
sharedassets6.assets - Yandere-chan's phone texture.- Video thumbnail texture
sharedassets7.assets - Challenge icon silhouette textures- Misc. textures
sharedassets8.assets - All universal female uniforms- All universal male uniform textures (casual shoes and socks)

- Teacher uniform textures

- Gym teacher uniform textures

- Ronshaku skin, uniform and panty textures

- Oka uniform/stockings and panty textures

- Inkyu And Sakyu Basu's textures (under succubus 'a' and 'b' variables)

- All female hairstyle textures

- Special collectible books textures (ex:LifeNote)

- Yandere-Chan's Pajama Texture (f02_pajamas_00_h)

- Martial Arts uniform textures

- Yandere-chan's panty textures

- Accessory Textures

- Titan/Skeleton easter egg textures

- Original student ID photos.

- Basement Textures (Includes Basement Camera)

- Yandere-Chan's Room Textures (includes Senpai's Butsudan object textures)

- Counselor's office textures

- "Kao" Book (Fake Facebook page)

- Info-Chan Drop Textures

- Secret Kokona suicide rope texture

- All Rainbow Six stockings (also used by Midori), Osana stockings, and Musume's loose stockings

sharedassets9.assets - Buraza Town textures- Easter egg uniform textures- Cooking Club room textures

- Bench, floor, and interior wall textures

- Generic Club props Textures

- Occult Club Room Textures

- Club accessories for Yandere-chan

- Light Music Club textures

- Club Poster textures

-Pippi and Ryuto's "OSU!" background and Gaming Club stats boosting games textures

- Demon hand textures

- Classroom textures

- Rival-chan default outfits (f05 files)

- Placeholder club leader textures

- Yandere-chan's alternative hairstyle and accessory textures

- Nurse textures

- Counselor textures (hair, face, clothes)

- Osana Najimi textures

- Megami Saikou (Student Council President) textures

- Weapon textures

- Infirmary textures

- Drama Club mask textures

- School sign textures

- Bathroom textures

- Kokona's phone texture

- Info-chan textures

- Police officer textures

- Turtle textures

- Octodog texture

- Hedge textures

- Saki's bra texture

- Demon Realm textures

- Magical Girl Wand texture

- Faculty room textures

- Art Club apron texture

- K-ON Uniform texture

- Drama Club gloves texture

- Counselor's laptop screen texture

- Misc. textures

sharedassets10.assets - Buraza Town textures
sharedassets11.assets - Yandere-chan's house textures
sharedassets12.assets - Yanvania textures
sharedassets13.assets - Yanvania textures
sharedassets14.assets - N/A.
sharedassets15.assets - "Fun" easter egg texture
sharedassets16.assets - N/A.
sharedassets17.assets - Some of Nemesis-chan's mission mode screen textures and her portrait.
sharedassets18.assets - Loading screen textures.

Texture Modding Examples:

Here are some examples of custom-made textures:

3D Model Editing

*Note: The reference for this tutorial was by Pikachuk on YouTube (specifically this video), but it's in French. I did my best to translate it; edits from more experienced modelers and modders are welcome!*

Hello! I'm Flower-kun. I saw that a lot of people were requesting something like this, so I decided to provide!


...or .obj files, y'know.

You will need:

Alright! Let's get started!


the hair I'm using

For this tutorial, I'm going to replace the Miku hair with this custom model (It is indeed an MMD hair model!) So let's get started!


  1. Open the character model skeleton in 3DS Max.
  2. Run the PMD import script by selecting 'Run Script' in the Scripts menu (in the top bar).

    deleting the base model

  3. Import your hair, making sure to uncheck every box except for 'Model' and 'Physics'.
  4. Resize and move your hair until it's on the model the way you want.
  5. Exportt

    exporting the model as a .obj

    Delete the character skeleton and save the hair as a .obj file.
  6. Open up Unity and create a new project.
  7. Importasset

    importing your model

    Select the 'Assets' button at the top and choose 'Import New Asset'.
  8. Choose your .obj that you just made. It should show up as an asset.

    the buttons are highlighted

  9. Drag the bottom picture of the model to the grid to import it to a scene.
  10. Go into file and select 'Build Settings'.
  11. Select 'Add Current' and save your scene.
  12. Click 'Build'.
  13. Wait for it to build.
  14. Go to where you saved your game. You should see a YourBuildName_assets folder that contains sharedassets0.assets.
  15. Open up sharedassets0.assets with Unity Assets Editor.
  16. Assetsexporting

    exporting the .data file

    Find your mesh (Mine was named default, because I forgot to name the model - oops!).
  17. Right click and select 'Export'. Save the .data file.
  18. Open up the sharedassets in Yandere Simulator that contains the hair you want to replace (mine is in sharedassets9).
  19. Right click the mesh's file and choose 'Import'. Import your .data file.
  20. Save the asset file and open up Asset Explorer.
  21. Open the modded sharedassets file.
  22. Find the texture of the mesh you replaced (there's a search function).
  23. RIght click and export it.
  24. Follow the texture replacing tutorial above.
  25. Save the assets file.
  26. Open up the game and scroll through Yan-chan's hairstyles - you should find your hair! (My game crashed because I have a bad computer, so sorry there's no pictures...)
  27. Alternatively, you could use the Pose Mod to put you models in the game like the fake Kizana hair - a tutorial for this is coming soon, probably on the Pose Mod commands page.

You can use this to replace virtually any object, I was just showing how to replace a hair model. Anyways, have fun modding! ~Chrys

Animation Modding

Hello! I'm An Kawaii Potato :3.I noticed that a lot o people were asking for a tutorial for changing animation so here we go

You will need:




some of the sharedassets9/10 animations

1- Open UAE and go to your yan sim folder

2-open sharedassets 8 or 10 for older version or 8 and 9 for newer version

3-scroll down through the files till you find the files with f02 in the start


my yan sim animations folder

4-choose one and save it on a place you can easily find it

5-choose another animation save it and replace it with the one you choose before

*Note: To make Yandere-Chan Play Students Animation, please use pose mod ! Thank you.

Hair Mesh Editing

Hello everybody ! I am TheGreenGamer and today I'm going to show you how

to edit Hair Meshes. Lets get started ! But First things first, we need

Unity Asset Editor

This tutorial doesnt have any pictures, so yeah ;-;. But heres a video about ir.


1 - Open Unity Asset Editor

2 - Open Sharedassets9 or Sharedassets8

3 - Look for a hair mesh and save it with its texture. For example, Misato Hair

4 - Look for a hair mesh that you wanna edit and save the mesh with the texture

5 - Replace the mesh that you wanna edit with the one that you saved a while ago (Misato Hair) and

replace the texture.

6 - Save the sharedassets file and hope for the best.

This tutorial isnt that useful cause we already do know how to replace meshes. So yeah...

Other Modding Methods

Modding methods with not enough documentation to be standalone.

See all here !

Replacing Complete Characters 3D models

You can replace character models using this tutorial, all the links are in the description

PME TUTORIAL 3 - Character Model Replacing (Yandere Simulator Modding)16:24

PME TUTORIAL 3 - Character Model Replacing (Yandere Simulator Modding)

Adding Custom Uniform To Students

Hey guys ! Once again, it is TheGreenGamer and today im going to teach you how to put a texture on students using posemod. Lets Begin.

So first we need the legendary pose mod(<-- download there !).

Make a text doxument

After that, you need to create a text document in the cutscene folder.

After That, make a uniform for the student you are editing and place it in the

streamingasset folder. (MAKE SURE TO MAKE IT PNG ! ! !)

Using this as a example

Open the text document you created and copy and paste this command:

ChangeShoes:Student_ID (Student Name)


Texture:0:Student_ID (Student Name)
This is what it should look like when you put it in a student. Credits to Alvaro Fabian for this image.

Texture:1:Student_ID (Student Name)

Save the document and then launch pose mod, once yan sim loaded press L. Once you are in school press

X > Edit Scene > Cutscene > (Cutscene Name). Check on the student then walla !

Hope this helps ! Bye !

Sharedassets.assets Modding (Unity5 builds)

You will need

Unity Asset Bundle Extractor (UAEBE) -

Unity Studio (Optional. With this, you can see how look textures & meshes.) -

Texture Modding

Sorry for the mistakes. English is not my native language :\

1.Open UAEBE

2.Go to File/Open. Select .asset file from "YandereSimulator_Data" folder.

3.Go to View/Search by name

4.Find the texture you need. (Name can be viewed using Unity Studio).

5.Check the type. It needs to be "Texture2D".

6.Select texture. Look at the panel from the side.

7.Press Plugins/Export to png. Export to wherever you want and give any name.

8.Edit the texture in any graphic editor.

9.Go back to UAEBE

10.Press Plugins/Edit/Load. Switch "TGA" to "PNG" from the bottom. Select your texture. Press OK.

11.Go to File/Save. Add at the end ".Asset" and save BUT rename. For example, do not "sharedassets8.assets" you need to "EDITsharedassets8.assets". It's a must. I really don't know why, just without it does not work.

12. Go to "YandereSimulator_Data" folder. Delete original asset. Rename your asset. Run the game!

Meshes Modding

1.Open UAEBE

2.Go to File/Open. Select .asset file from "YandereSimulator_Data" folder.

3.Go to View/Search by name

4.Find the mesh you need. (Name can be viewed using Unity Studio).

5.Check the type. It needs to be "Mesh"

6.Select texture. Look at the panel from the side.

7.Press Export Raw. Export to wherever you want and give any name.

8.Select another mesh.

9.Press Import Raw. Select your mesh. Press OK.

10.Go to File/Save. Add at the end ".Asset" and save BUT rename. For example, do not "sharedassets8.assets" you need to "EDITsharedassets8.assets". It's a must. I really don't know why, just without it does not work.

11. Go to "YandereSimulator_Data" folder. Delete original asset. Rename your asset. Run the game!

If you want to put your 3D model in the game, you need to create a Unity project and build it, get Raw from asset and import it in the game.

You can't Import

Animations, sounds, music. Only meshes and textures :(

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