Miyuki Rei is created by Shanimever and adopted by Rena-Shi

Miyuki is a DereDere and a Kuudere. And There club (Light Music Club) is actually scouting for new members.

Miyuki Rei
General Information
Race Japanese
Sex Female
Pronouns Feminine
Age 18
Sexuality Heterosexual
Scholar Information


Miyuki attends school at Akademi High. She is the co-leader of the Light Music Club and is on her last year, she is known to be very angry and is described as a Kamidere



Miyuki wears the uniform no. 1, Also she never wears her school shoes Miyuki wears rubber shoes instead. She have an brown hair and a pink reddish eyes,She also wears glasses, The length of her hair is actually 24" or until her back.


When Miyuki is performing on the stage she wears a ribbon then a normal dress, long black socks and shoes. Well she actually curls her hair and she also take off her glasses.


Miyuki is a bossy student who thinks of herself very highly, much akin to a queen in the presence of her pawns. Although she can come across as rude and bitchy, she is quite intelligent and knows what can make a person tick and how to get under their skin, she aspires to be a police officer once she grows up.


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