Miyoshi Mathias
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Photography
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush Kokona Haruka
Additional Info None

Miyoshi Mathias is an OC character created by Wikia User DesertFokxtrot and is a non-canon character unless the game is modded by changing one of the male students JPEG files and name in the games internal files.


Miyoshi Mathias' (Mathias Miyoshi) hair is a red shade of aurburn, he has bright purple eyes with dark purple pupils. He usually wears the default male uniform, but also wears his black blazer.


Mathias tends to be the quiet person, the shy one who doesnt speak up much, but when befriended with certain people he is more social. He is clasified as a Dandere, however if he is connected to someone very deep on an emotional scale, he will start to develop Yandere tendencies.


  • Mathias prefers to be called Mathias-kun when being talked to directly.
  • Mathias is friends with Jack Smith and Yuki Suishou.
  • Mathias is enemies with Yandere-chan and Senpai.
  • Mathias' favorite food is pizza and favorite drink is a latte.

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