Miyo Yamatari is an OC who goes to Akademi High School.

Miyo Yamatari
Staff Info
Career Student
Club Cooking Club
Age 17
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush None


Miyo has blond hair that is always in a ponytail. She has dark red eyes and pale skin. Her face is constantly in a blush.


Miyo is a Social Butterfly. She always joins the rainbow twelve by the fountain before school and in the lunch area during lunch. When she witnesses a murder, she will run to a teacher and tell them. Miyo then stays close to the teachers for the rest of the week.


Miyo's task is to help her find her lost bunny, Spot. He's a white bunny who can be found hopping around in the room with the circular saw. You have the choice to give him to Miyo or kill him.


Miyo enters the school building behind Kuu Dere. She goes to her locker to wear her indoor shoes. Then she goes to the fountain with the rainbow 12. And she does exactly what the rainbow 12 girls do for the rest of the day.


Thank you! That's so sweet of you to say!
— After complimenting Miyo
You'll help me find him? Really? Thanks!
— After accepting her task
Really? Oh...sorry for wasting your time.
— After declining her task
I didn't know you were in the Art Club.
— After seeing you covered in blood.
Can you please stop?
— After hearing you laughing insanely
What are you gonna do with that thing?!
— After seeing you with a weapon
Oh my god! That's a dead body!
— Upon discovering a corpse
Get away from me you psycho!
— The day after she witnesses murder



Another Portrait!


Her and other students in Kisakae!


  • Portraits by DarkPai and Xenpai                                                                                                                            

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