Miyako is a female student that attends Akademi High


Miyako has large purple pigtails with green scrunchies. She has light green eyes and small bust size. She wears the standard female uniform unless customized. Due to being in the Drama Club, she wears the Drama Cub cravat.


Miyako is a social butterfly. She enjoys spending time with the Drama Club and other students. She isn't very smart and is a quite average student in all of her classes. In a performance however, she exceeds people's expectations. She loves to be onstage for any reason and loves performing with the other Drama Club members. If she witnesses you murder someone, she will run to a crowded area and call the police. If you kill another person in front of her, she will curl herself into a ball.


I lost my homework somewhere in school... If I don't have it for class today i'm screwed. Can you please find it for me?
— Miyako giving her task

Miyako has lost her homework somewhere in school. She needs it for her class today. Can you find it for her?


  1. Take five panty shots and give them to Info-Chan
  2. Pick up the finished homework
  3. Return it to Miyako

Alt Steps

  1. Join the Martial Arts Club/ Become a Martial Arts Master
  2. Go to the furnace area and kill all of the delinquents there
  3. Take Miyako's homework and return it to her

If you complete her task she will become your friend. If you don't return her homework by the second period bell, you will lose the chance to befriend her.

Voice Claim

It's Showtime! (Original Lyrics)01:51

It's Showtime! (Original Lyrics)


7:00 - 7:15: She wakes up and gets ready. When she arrives she enters behind Hiyori.

7:15-8:00: She speaks with the Drama Club members at the fountain.

8:00-1:00: She heads to Class 3-1

1:00 -1:30: She goes with the Rainbow 12 13 to the lunch area. 

1:30 - 3:30: She heads to Class 3-1

3:30 - 5:00: Goes to the Drama Club


"Thanks!" -After complimenting Miyako

"Thank you! I swear i'll repay you!" -After accepting her task

"Oh, thanks I guess..."-After declining her task

"Ooh, nice blood effect! How did you do it?"-After seeing you covered in blood

"Did you think of something funny?" - After seeing you laughing insanely

"Nice prop! Can I see it?"-After seeing you with a weapon

"I-Is that a real body..." -After she sees a dead body

"I know what you did. I-I thought we were friends..."The day after she witnesses you murder someone



  • This used to be one of PISTACHIOLORD's OCs
  • Her old design had Kokona's hairstyle. She currently has Rival-Chan's hairstyle
  • She can be easily scared
  • She used to faint after seeing a murder
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