Miyako Gurafu
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 0
Club Photography
Age 18
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush None
Additional Info No additional information available at this time

Miyako Gurafu is a female student who attends Akademi High School.


Miyako has tanned skin, long, black hair, and purple eyes. Her bust size is the same as Saki Miyu's.


Miyako has the personality of a social butterfly; if a camera is held up to her face, she will happily pose, and if she witnesses murder, she will run to a heavily populated area and call the police. In the future, it is possible that she'll have the "Sleuth" personality, considering the fact that she is in the Photography Club.

Miyako is very energetic and believes in the supernatural; she was once a member of the Occult Club, but she left for the Photography Club after declaring that she will one day take a photograph of a UFO.


7:00 AM - Miyako will arrive at school right after Saki but before Kokona. She will then go to her locker.

7:15 AM - Miyako will walk to the courtyard and talk to the other female members of the Rainbow 12.

8:00 AM - Miyako will walk to Class 3-1 with Saki, where she will proceed to take her lessons.

1:00 PM - Miyako will walk to the cafeteria and eat lunch with the other members of the Rainbow 12, joined by Kanako and Rotaro.

1:30 PM - Miyako will walk with Saki and Rotaro back to Class 3-1 and proceed to take her lessons.

3:30 PM - Miyako will walk to the Photography Club, which is where she will stay for the rest of the day.

Kisekae Code

Coming soon!


Rotaro Kiseki - Miyako and Rotaro are childhood friends, but they do not have romantic feelings for each other, even though Kanako believes otherwise. Miyako is a strong supporter of Rotaro and Kanako's relationship and constantly encourages Rotaro to tell Kanako how he feels about her.

Budo Masuta - Because of Budo being Rotaro's friend, he and Miyako are on good terms.

Kanako Asahina - Kanako and Miyako are good friends, but Kanako is secretly jealous of Miyako, as she thinks that she and Rotaro have romantic feelings for each other.

Saki Miyu - Saki and Miyako are classmates, and they talk to each other whenever they get the chance. Miyako is among the few students who knows of Saki's crush on Kokona, but she isn't opposed to it.

Sota Yuki - Sota has a crush on Miyako and joins the Photography Club in order to get closer to her. However, Miyako is oblivious to this and simply sees Sota as her kouhai.

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