[ This is EwImTrash's OC. Please ask me before using her! ]


Misu has cyan eyes, and freckles among pale skin. She has green eyebrows to match her neck length green hair and green neko ears. She has sharp fangs and furry paws with sharp claws.


Misu gets angered easily, so only a few people can stay on her good side. Beyond her anger problems, Misu is a very sweet and fragile neko.


Midori Gurin

Misu thinks Midori's dumbness is funny, and chats with her to feel better.

Inkyu Basu

Much like Midori, Misu thinks Inkyu is funny.

Budo Masuta

Misu thinks Budo's fighting strategies are not the right way, and they have a small rivalry.


  • Misu has plans to either make a new, better Martial Arts club or take over the current one
  • Misu has retractable claws
  • She has a natural black outline around her eyes to protect them from sunlight
  • Misu naps alot, mostly during class

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