Chojo tekina by muroachifungus-d9qh3qw
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Misaki has long dark purple hair that is naturally dirty blond that reaches just below her shoulders that she keeps up in two pigtails. Her eyes are naturally hazel but are black because she wears contact lenses which both help with her vision and make her eyes a different colour. Her eyes also have dark circles, likely from a lack of sleep. Her skin is also notably pale, likely a result of lack of time spent outdoors. She also naturally has freckles, but she conceals them with makeup due to not liking them. She is a bit tall and a bit thin, standing at 5'8" and weighing 135 lbs.

In-game, Misaki wears the default female uniform with a longer skirt and dark purple striped stockings that come up to her thighs. Outside of school, she wears baggier clothing and her clothing is mostly in a black colour scheme with some splashes of colour here and there; otherwise, her clothing is mainly black. She also tends to wear boots outside of school.


Misaki is rather cold, blunt and serious; she will only ever tell you her honest opinion on anything and not care about what anyone thinks of her and her opinions.

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