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Mirai Hanamoto
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation -3
Club Underwear
Age 18
Persona Tense
Crush Many students; easily infatuated
Additional Info Mirai regularly buys panty shots from Info-chan and will keep quiet if she witnesses you taking a panty shot of another student.

Mirai Hanamoto (formerly Midarana Fotomoto) is an OC character created by the wiki user MiIkybun and one of the first female perverts on the wiki.

She is a non-canon character unless a female student's JSON file and name is modified in the game's internal files.

She is free to use in RPs, fanfics, whatever you want, but please don't claim the OC as yours.


Mirai has extremely unkempt dark brown hair that falls down to her waist. She has large eyes of a dark brown color, with dark circles as a result of sleep deprivation. Mirai also wears red glasses. Her defining feature is her large button nose.

Mirai wears the default school uniform or the blazer, and black pantyhose. At home she's a very sloppy dresser (her outfit consisting of a t-shirt and panties), mostly because she is a hikikomori and has nobody to impress.

She can often be found with a phallic fruit or vegetable in her hand, although she is a lesbian.


Mirai is rather terrible at talking with others. She has social anxiety and often says foolish things without meaning to, giving students a slightly negative opinion of her. She often isolates herself from other human beings.

She has a huge fascination with sex and frequently reads hentai manga, plays eroge, etc. despite never wishing to engage in such activities. Although the other members of the Underwear Club are her friends, sometimes their perversion even disturbs Mirai, who is a huge pervert.

She is extremely intrigued by viewing explicit photos and videos, as well as reading sexually explicit literature. Mirai regularly purchases panty shots from Info-chan. Even though she knows it's wrong and disgusting, Mirai can't stop looking at them.

Mirai keeps her perverted side hidden from others, and is often viewed by strangers as a cold social outcast despite simply being shy. This makes her a dandere. Once you get to know her, Mirai is surprisingly a great friend (although her perverted nature is rather disgusting).

Mirai has a great sense of humor (although many of her jokes are sexual). She wishes to be a comedian later in life.

She is also a bit of a misandrist, despite claiming to be a feminist.


  • Mirai owns a small dog named Kiki.
  • She lives in an apartment with her grandmother.
  • The apartment she lives in only has one bedroom, too small to share, so she sleeps in a storage closet. Her parents are dead and her grandmother is unemployed, so she doesn't have enough money to buy a house or get an extra room built.

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