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Minori Etsuko




Biological Gender

Female Female


She She




62.8 kg


September 3rd

Astrological Sign

Virgo Virgo

Blood Type





Homosexual Homosexual

Personal Status

Art, Photography

Educated in

Akademi High School





Previous Crush


Lives in

Buraza Town

Personal Status



Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Additional Info
A quiet nerd.

Is a bit too greedy.

Minori Etsuko is a fanon student who attends Akademi High School.


Minori is a very quiet and soft-spoken person, but seems to be fine initiating conversations. She is distant to others and struggles when trying to connect to others heart-to-heart. Minori is only showing them a mask that is calm and collected, never openly frivolous in ordinary conversations. Minori is typically stoic but inside she can get incredibly passionate when dealing with certain subjects.

She is very intelligent and analytical, excelling in her studies. She tends to effectively get her work done on time and prefers to keep her schedule neat and in order; a reliable worker. Minori is one of the top students in her class, doing her best to stay in that position. Minori loves to succeed at whatever she does and likes to show off as well. She usually puts her heart into whatever she does just to get the approval of others.

To help herself learn more to impress more, she a number of books. Reading has made her a bit excited about the world (but not it's inhabitants, strangely) and now she loves to test the limits and push the boundaries of situations. She wants something to happen like in the books she reads, but better planned out. Being very curious and all, she wants to know more about what happens after she does this, why do people feel that, etc. Minori can sometimes come across as a bit nosy as she also wants to learn other people's secrets.

In fact, Minori desires a lot of things, and she is not satisfied with what she has now. She needs more to feel safe; for her it is the only way. Minori would never steal from anyone, she just wants to make a lot of money and be extremely successful in life. It is almost addicting, a bit too addicting.


Her parents has been very formal and very rich for many years, so Minori got some of what they earned. After all, her father was a prosperous doctor and her mother was a highly renowned chef, both well-known and well-regarded. Minori was taught from a young age how to properly behave in public, so she lived life following the rules they set out for her. Her family valued wits above all else and sought to know more about the world. Minori's parents are very knowledgeable, teaching Minori a good bit of what they knew.

Her parents also tried to get her to have more friends, but Minori was quite satisfied with her life. She spent most of her days at home, at art galleries, or at church reading, drawing, or simply observing. Even so, Minori agreed to make friends with a girl her age when her parents suggested it. Minori met Himari Kita, an athletic extrovert coming from a rich family. Himari was very open to making new friends, so she was completely ready to add Minori to her list of playmates.

Minori tolerated Himari for the sake of her parents happiness, but eventually the two became genuine friends. The two both brought their own skills to the table to help out the other, in turn proving to the other that they were useful. Through Himari Minori met more and more people, which made Minori sort of envious of how much Himari had. Muscles, freedom, a great personality... Minori felt that Himari had just a bit more than she did. Minori wanted to be better than Himari, so she set her sights on beating her old friend. Himari has limited interest in this competition (she's afraid that Minori will become too serious about this), but plays to see if she can win with little effort.

For the longest time Himari was a big part of Minori's small, closed off world. Himari was one of the only people who Minori could really trust, but Himari's love and support was not enough for Minori. By the end of high school she wanted to best this excitable underclassman and show Himari that she, Minori Etsuko, really is her parent's child.


Airi Yuu

Minori and Airi are friends. Minori likes to play video games with Airi, only because Airi is one of the few people she knows who is worse than her at gaming. Airi smells something fishy, but doesn't really care about it either way and is happy to be gaming with her. Minori praises the fact that Airi essentially gave up on her mother, but dislikes when she starts to get sensitive about it. Minori does not empathize or sympathize with her feelings.

Barakou Koizumi

Barakou admires how studious and obedient Minori is, but wishes that Minori would do even more. Barakou can sometimes get annoyed at Minori for not taking action enough. Minori would rather not argue back with Barakou and simply listens. They play video games together along with Fano Nanoko and Rie Ueda.

Chikako Shinju

Himari pushes the two to hang out more, as she thinks they would be an interesting pair. Unfortunately for her, Chikako and Minori have little interest in one another except for their shared interest in photography. Chikako is a bit more carefree, with less work put into her photos, but nonetheless they chat about their various kinds of cameras and film cartridges. Chikako usually asks Minori to take pictures needed for the Photography Club for her so she won't have to do it herself.

Erisa Ikuko

Erisa admires Minori in a lot of ways. Erisa may cook for Minori once in a while and gives Minori ochazuke when she is sick. Minori once drew a picture of Erisa playing the shamisen, but Erisa politely requested the picture to be burnt.


Minori is very close with her family. Her parents were rather disappointed in her for not opening up, but now that Minori has a reasonable social life and good grades her parents are extremely proud of her.

Fano Nanoko

They have known each other for years, seeing as how they both attended Akademi High for all of their high school life. Minori thinks that Fano's polite and reserved nature is refreshing after how many extroverts she meets, and Fano feels the same way. They are both very intelligent and when given a project that allows them to work with students out of their class, they tend to choose each other for the best results. Fano has introduced Minori into gaming and likes seeing her mess around without a clue as what to do. Minori plays MMORPGs with Fano, Rie (Ueda), and Barakou.

Himari Kita

Minori and Himari have known each other for a long time and are childhood friends. Minori assists Himari with her homework after Himari begged the girl to do so. In return, Himari helps Minori keep an average diet, as Minori tends to go overboard with sweets. The two have only grown closer over the years, even though Minori finds Himari slightly annoying and is envious of her, while Himari believes that Minori needs more friends. The two still enjoy one another's company.

Homura Matsuo

These two girls usually pair up in Art Club for activities because both of them are the quiet ones. They typically talk about the latest books they've read and different drawing tips and artists when together. Homura and Minori consider each other to be a good friend, but they're not too close.

Rie Nobuko

Rie asks Minori for notes, even if Rie is not in her class nor grade. They make a small bit of conversation when Minori is returning books to the library. Rie occasionally recommends new books for Minori to read.

Rie Ueda

Rie doesn't care about Minori, only grateful that Minori isn't that annoying to her. Minori sees through some of Rie's facade, though she doesn't know the crimes that were committed. Minori knows she cannot help Rie, and keeps a good distance from the girl. Once in a while Minori will team up with Rie in an MMORPG with Barakou, though Minori will often avoid conversing with Rie.

Rowan Linwood

Rowan tries to get some emotion out of Minori, but Minori usually ignores him. Since she is apparently impervious to his silly jokes and awful puns, he decides to tickle her. It works, but she ends up telling the teacher when he does so he can't do it often.

Sachiko Nagahimistu

From time to time Minori may go see Sachiko's plays to take pictures of the actors for the Photography Club. She may even go simply to see the show on her own free time. Sachiko recognizes Minori as a regular member of the audience and they chat every once in a while.



  • Minori enjoys painting and although she is by far not the best, some skill is starting to take form. She never beats anyone in competitions pertaining to this, however.
  • She is fond of photography, which is a relatively recent hobby she picked up in her final year of high school.
  • She can be entertained by plays and musicals and likes to watch them with a few close friends.
  • Minori takes delight in gaming, even though she is horrible at it.


  • She loves ochazuke and her parents served it to her when she was sick.


  • Minori is fond of Yakult.


  • She prefers to hang around the library, classrooms, the rooftop, cafes, her own home, friend's houses, the fountain, the cafeteria, the maze, theatres, the Computer Lab, the Drama Club, the Art Room, or the Art Club.


She doesn't speak often, but when she does she'll be calm, confident, and soft-spoken. She loves to ask questions and speaks in short sentences.


  • She is in Class 3-1.
  • She believes in this obscure religion that her family informed her about. She keeps it to herself, though.
  • She is ticklish, especially around her neck.
  • She wants a well-paying job that shows that she's something impressive, but she isn't sure which job yet.
  • Party Animal
    Cuddly Bear



White Seifuku Uniform






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