Mino mecheenio
Mino Mecheenio
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 10
Club Cooking ( first semester)

Drama ( second semester )

Age 16
Persona Fragile Heroic
Crush Budo Masuta
Strength Fights back-strong
Additional Info Kokona's Cousin.

Would never leave Kokona's side ever.
Lives in Shisuta town

Mino Mecheenio is an OC by Mino mecheenio (not based on self or name). She is Kokona's Cousin.


Mino has tan skin with brown hair. She usually puts it into a bun, but on occasions she will let it down.

She wears the regular school outfit. She has a birthmark on her thigh the shape of a 6 sided star. She would never wear any make-up for she thinks it's for prostitutes.


Mino is a Fragile heroic. If she witnesses Murder she will beg for her life. If you decide to kill her she will grab you're hand and the struggle mini game would activate

If you kill Kokona while Mino is still alive, her persona will switch to Careless. She will have no reaction to murder or any suspicious behavior.


Mino does not have much family left since her father died.

  • Kokona Haruka
    • Kokona: Mino is Kokona's cousin. she would do anything for the well being of her older cousin. She would protect her at any costs and never leave her side. 
  • Tammie tashami
    • Tammie is Mino's Rival. Mino thinks that Tammie is always better than her. Mino wants to reach up to her and become better than her. What they don't know is that they look up to eachother
  • Yandere-chan
    • Yandere-chan Despises Mino, She would kill her the first chance she gets. But she won't because she would make a nice mind slave for her.
  • Budo Masuta
    • ​Mino met Budo in 3rd grade. Even though he was 3 years older than her she fell for him immediately. She and Budo would play together. In a conversation with Midori Gurin She explains why Budo could never love Mino back.
  • Midori Gurin
    • Midori annoys Mino a lot. But despite that they are close friends. Mino would discuss serious matters with her, for she trusts her.

Traits and other things

If Kokona is dead while Mino is alive she will become careless. If Yandere-chan kidnaps her. Mino's default sanity will be 40.5%.

If Kokona is dead then Mino would go to the counselor's office every day for a week. if Yandere-chan were to stop her from going to the office for 3 days. Mino will commit suicide of the guilt of her cousin's death.

Mino does have a second crush but its WIP.

If Mino or Kokona are matchmaked then they will spend time with their loved one. But still hang out with the other.

No matter what Mino and Budo will never be a couple.

Mino will put love notes in Senpai's locker for Kokona, Even though she won't care a thing for senpai.

Mino is very clingy to Kokona, so it might be hard to matchmake Kokona.

Mino Has a rival, Tammie. Mino would porbably secretly practice her talents, to overpower Tammie's Talents. But what she does'nt know is that Tammie looks up to Mino as well.

Mino has no idea what a vocoloid and a Yandere are.


" kokona... if they is anything you need, You know exactly who to come to! "

" You want me to do... What? "

" You like him...? but uh.... "

" But Kokona! I want to spend time with you! "

" ... Ok.... I guess I can't stop you from liking him.... I'll do it. Do you have the note? " - Conversation between Mino and Kokona. Kokona requests for Mino to put love letters in Senpai's locker.


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