Backstory and appearance

Milica Jovanović is a teacher in Akademi Highschool, she teaches Serbian. She is born in Belgrade (Yugoslavia, now Serbia) on the 22nd of August 1982. She left Yugoslavia during the bombings of Belgrade lead by the NATO forces in 1999, aged 17. She's known to irritate her students when she talks to them about her childhood in the middle of class and for screaming anytime a student speaks while she speaks.

She has long blonde hair that go a bit below her shoulders, two bangs on each side of her head and a sidebang on her forehead. She wears the basic teacher uniform, which is constituted of a brown flower-printed shirt, a grey blazer, black leggings ornamented with a black belt, grey shoes ornamented with blue bows and an argent necklace.

Milica Jovanović
Staff Info
Career Serbian teacher
Club Faculty
Age 34
Persona Strict and caring
Crush None

Portrait of Milica

She has an older brother : Sergej, which prefers to stay at home instead of looking for a job, she usually asks herself what he does during the time she is at school.


  • Her favourite food is Ćevapčići.
  • Her favourite colour is purple.
  • Her favourite song is "Marš na Drinu", a Serbian patriotic song.


  • She usually has nightmares about the war.
  • She's a partisan of anti-homophobia.
  • She gets angry very quikly.
  • She supports all her students and hates to send some of them to the guidance counselor or give them bad grades.