Miki Arimeka
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 100
Club Photography
Age 17
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush  ????
Additional Info She spends her time on the rooftop, talking with Mura Sakino

Miki Arimeka is a student in Akademi High School, and an OC made by an avarage COCONUT who likes to make OCs.


She is the hottest girl in class 3-3, but she doesn't notice it. She is surrounded by boys taking panty shots of her or taking her clothes off, but she is completely oblivious of it.


She is like a mini-Midori. She is a little dumb, but likes to gossip with Mura Sakino


She has light, blonde short hair like Mina Rai and blue eyes. She has really big breasts and wears pink stockings with white stripes. She is always surrounded by boys.


Mura Sakino

She is her best friend and acts like a sister to her. The two of them gossip on the rooftop

Tado Meka

The two of them used to be dating until she found out Kimi Zetsu had a crush on him. They had a fight and broke up.

Kimi Zetsu

She hates her because she thinks she stole Tado from her, but Tado actually still loves Miki.


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