The Midori Magica AU is made by CrystaltheCool.


This AU is an AU that depicts the Yandere Simulator universe being in the same universe as the Madoka Magica universe, prior to the events of the anime occurring.

The AU mainly centers around Midori Gurin and her encounter with Kyubey, Ayano Aishi, and Kokona Haruka.


These are the characters in the AU.

  • Midori Gurin
    • A dimwitted girl who has a great desire to learn, but asks too many questions that others perceive as stupid. As a result, others almost never answer her questions (if they do, they give vague-nonanswers), and as a result, she remains dimwitted. She is very attached to a girl named Ayano Aishi, since she is the only student outside of the Gaming Club who talks to her in any matter that isn't complete annoyance.
  • Ayano Aishi
    • A very intelligent girl with high strength who happens to be one of the many girls in love with an upperclassman named Taro Yamada. She's highly manipulative, and is somewhat tolerant towards Midori so that Midori is willing to collect manga and tapes for her, as well as any additional info on her rivals. She's also a Puella Magi who, reluctantly, is in an alliance with Kokona Haruka. Her wish was to be capable of protecting Taro from any and all danger that he may encounter.
  • Kokona Haruka
    • One of Ayano's rivals for Taro's feelings. She's an experienced Puella Magi. Her wish was to save her father from debt. She is in an alliance with Ayano. The two are in an agreement made by Kokona in which, as long as she helps Ayano survive as a Puella Magi, Ayano can't kill her, and neither of them can confess their love to Taro. If the agreement is broken, the two will be forced to fight to the death.
  • Kyubey
    • Kyubey is a Messenger of Magic. He makes contracts with girls, turning them into Puella Magi so they can fight witches.


The story of the AU is in this link. Keep in mind that updates are few and far between.


  • Midori was chosen as the main character because her name starts with M and has three syllables, just like Madoka, despite her role in the AU not being Madoka's, despite being the main character.
    • If you can predict exactly how Midori's "arc" in the AU is going to go in the comments section, you get a cookie. It's not that hard to guess, since I just stated she's not going to play the role of a Madoka-type character.

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