Midori Gurin
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 100-
Club Computer
Age 16
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush YandereDev
Additional Info Most annoying girl in the entire school. Annoys the Basu Sisters constantly. She also nearly got a teacher fired.


Midori wears Uniform 2 but with dark green stockings. She has waist-length green hair with parted bangs. Her eyes are also green, she has pale skin.


Midori-chan is very irritating to her classmates and is often late to class. She usually likes to annoy YandereDev EVERYWHERE. She likes YandereDev and wants to stay by his side forever. When she sees a dead body she will run into a storage room and constantly scream "YANDEREDEV! YANDEREDEV! SAVE ME!!"


Mai Waifu- Best Friends

Koharu Hinita- Hates her and wants her to die and burn in fucking hell.

ALL THE TEACHERS- She nearly got them fired and killed.

YandereDev-Midori is in a harem with him.

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