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Mida Rana
Student Info
Career Substitute Teacher
Reputation Unknown
Club Faculty
Age Adult
Persona Strict
Crush Senpai
Additional Info Unknown

Mida Rana is a canon rival in Yandere Simulator.


Her appearance, as shown in the Rival Introduction Video, shows her with chocolate brown hair tied into a ponytail with strands sticking out of it, brown eyes to match her hair and a beauty mark below her right eye near the mouth. She's fairly busty along with her wearing red lipstick to show her seductive nature.

Mida Rana wears a black jacket with a white button up below, some of the top of her red bra sticking out of the clothes. She wears a scarlet pencil skirt with two exposed sides along with black garter belts connecting to thigh high stockings and red (black in the in-game video) heels.


As she is a part of the faculty, she will have the Strict persona and will have extensive self-defense training.

Her defining character trait will be intentional sexual innuendos, as she will be sultry and seductive.


Though it is unknown at the moment, YandereDev has said that her routine will put her in close proximity to Senpai or other students. It is presumed it will be the same as a regular teachers. In the future, she can be called upon by Teachers Pets' if they witness a murder.

The reason Mida is chosen to be the substitute is that she was the only available teacher on the day that the teacher needed a substitute as said by YandereDev: "On the exact day that a teacher announced she would be unavailable for 1 week, and that a substitute would be required, Mida was the only available teacher who could replace her. On all subsequent days, there were better candidates. This is why Mida only appears for one week and would not appear to substitute for any other teachers; she only had a one-day window of opportunity to be chosen."



As she is a rival, she has a crush on Senpai, and will try to seduce him. She will eventually confess her love to him if she is not eliminated by the end of the week.


The player will be able to matchmake her with an unknown student, or possibly a faculty member.


  • Mida Rana's name is a pun of midarana (みだらな),which means indecent.
  • YandereDev has stated that Mida may not have any negative reactions to the player taking panty shots of her.

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