Michiko Naoko
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Photography and Gaming
Age 17
Persona Unknown
Crush Hayato Haruki
Additional Info None


Michiko is a student of Akademi High School, she is attending class 2-1.


She is quite tall, neither skinny nor fat, has blue eyes "covered" by black glasses and long, brown hair. She usually has a book or her phone in the hands. It's rare to see her without the school uniform.


She appears calm and quiet but has already a crazy side of her character that nobody has ever seen or noticed.

Michiko is part of the Photography and Gaming Clubs of the school; these are her greatest passions togheter with reading and writing.


Ayano Aishi

Michiko's classmate, she thinks she's weird and stays away from her.

Koharu Hinata

Michiko's classmate, she thinks she could be her friend because they characters are very similar.

Hayato Haruki

Michiko's classmate, she has a crush on him.

Mina Rai

Also a classmate, Michiko is indifferent to her.

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