Merodì Uta
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Computer, Gaming
Age 17
Persona Unknown
Crush Ryusei Koki
Additional Info None

Merodi Uta is a student made by Melody.


Merodi has auburn-red hair and almond eyes. She wears a pink plaid shirt, a black raincoat and a school skirt. She always carries a small red bag with her.


Merodi is a kind but feisty girl. She gets mad pretty easily. If she sees someone do a yandere action, she will get scared at first but will do nothing.


7:00- Goes to school

7:05- Changes to indoor shoes

7:30- Chats with her friends

7:40- Gets ready for class

8:30- Is in class 2-1

12:00- Goes out to the rooftop

12:10- Eats lunch

12:30- Chats with her friends

1:00- Is in class 2-2

3:00- Plays games in the computer lab

4:00- Goes home


Tate Moshimi

Merodi knows he has a crush on her, but doesn't accept his feelings.

Aya Yumi

Merodi is good friends with her and invites her other friends to come to Aya's festivals.

Oka Ruto

Merodi finds her suspicious.

Ryusei Koki

Her crush.


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