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Megami Saikou
Student Info
Career Student
Student Council President
Reputation Unknown
Club Student Council
Age 16-18
Persona Unknown
Crush Senpai
Additional Info Unknown

Megami Saikou is a canon character and a rival in Yandere Simulator. Her father is the owner of Saikou Corp. She will be absent for 9 weeks for school, but has been keeping up by doing online classes and video chatting with the members of her council, despite her being upset about not being able to attend school like a regular student.


She will be a strict disciplinarian. Her self defense is at the max and she is the most powerful rival. She's incredibly wealthy, a certified genius, has extensive self defense training, excelled at everything she has ever attempted, and has trained to possess all the qualities of a great leader to prepare herself to take over her father's business. She's described as being not only the most beautiful girl in school, but also the most popular student along with her being the student council president.

Unlike the other students, Megami is aware of a dangerous person (Ayano) on school grounds and will install security cameras, hire security guards and instate the school under a zero-tolerance policy for suspicious behavior in order to protect her fellow classmates. It's implied she knows something very important that may be linked to Saikou Corp. She's described as an "Untouchable Goddess" in her personality description on the website.

Her personality and character in general seems to be a parody of a "Mary Sue" as she's incredibly above others and knows things other characters do not along with her many skills and achievements with seemingly no flaws.


Megami currently has grey/silver eyes and soft blue/white hair that has a strand of hair poking out of her straight cut bangs. She wears a black lacy choker with a red string along the middle, her stockings and gloves match her choker as they are both black with lacy tops and red string attached to small bows. She wears a red club president band on her left shoulder.


  • Megami used to have black hair and white gloves/stockings/choker.
  • She appears on a laptop in the student council room, where she has her original design. She also has her face shadowed while talking on the laptop.


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