This is all of the OC's and Canon Characters in Meepz's fanon


Daku Atsu/MeepzMcCar's Fanon- Daku is a young underrated horror story author that is a first year at Akademi High.

Sora Sosuke- Known as the "Gentleman" one Sora is a 3rd year student that is very kind and he is slightly depressive.

Sota Yuki- Known as the "Shota". He is very shy and he is the shortest in the Rainbow 12. Sota's voice still sounds like a 6th grader. The reason is because he didn't hit puberty yet. Sota is also the Youngest.

Ryusei Koki- Known as the "Artist". Ryusei is very arrogant when someone discusses art. Ryusei always carries a sketch book with him and he is an airhead.

Hayato Haruki- Hayato is known as the "trendy" one in the 6th rainbow boys. He is the most outgoing and he's the strongest. He used to be in the Martial Arts but then he quitted because he grew a interest in light music.

Haruto Yuto- Haruto is known as the "Geek" or the "Weirdo" because he's sort of insane. He's obsessed with science.

Riku Soma-

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