This is a fanon OC created by TryinaD. Feel free to use her for your fanfiction/RP purposes, but tell Try in the comments first.

Mayu Aishi
Mayu aishi model ver edit 1
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation Good, smart and talented student
Club Poetry
Age 107 years old (2017)
Persona Devoted
Crush Jin Ryusei (Ayano Aishi's 'fanon' great-great-great grandfather.)
Additional Info None

Early Life

Born in 19 February 1910 to a middle-class couple, she has never felt any empathy for anyone in her life. There is not a lot of information that could be found about her childhood, hence the short length of this part. When she attended middle school, a rumor emerged that she would pinch or slap little babies and animals in secret.


She attended a high school located in a different town from the one Ayano Aishi attends (which has now been demolished). During her second year there, she met a really handsome boy who attended another neighboring high school. This boy would eventually become her crush and future husband. 

Unfortunately, a more popular girl from her school has set her eyes on the boy. Armed with her intelligence, dedication and her school-issued sharp ladies' parasol, she eliminated the rivals that were in her way. She made sure to not kill everyone as to not make teachers and other students suspicious and discover the strategy that she had planned carefully. 

She did not have a source for information (like Info-Chan is to Yandere-chan) when she went on her mission. 

Career and Married Life

After marrying her crush, she became a schoolteacher and taught calligraphy, history and mathematics at an all-girls high school in Tokyo. She had six children before her husband passed away in 1952 due to a car accident. She currently still resides in the capital city. Yandere-chan and her relatives has never visited her.

Other Information

She is cold, calculated and very intelligent. She excelled at many subjects that require logic and knowledge, such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Language and Biology. Her physical strength was very weak, so her methods of disposing rivals were more sneaky and does not involve a lot of physical work, such as poisoning and damaging a rival's reputation.

She enjoys writing and reading poetry, and was the head of her high school's Poetry club. She can cook, but she is not very interested in it. She also read Western books translated into Japanese. Her favorite Western author is Charles Dickens. She was interested in learning English.

Her favorite food is chicken teriyaki, and she loves jazz music.

Character Origin and References

She is TryinaD's fanon of Yandere-chan's great-great-great grandmother, which Yandere Dev has spoken about on his Twitter.

She might have worn a hakama uniform similar to the two references shown here. The parasol described in the previous part is from the first reference image on the left.This character is still a work in progress, and her appearance, personality, etc. will be more developed in the future.

Concept Pictures

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