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Matoaka Amonute
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Occult
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush Unknown
Additional Info None

Matoaka Amonute is an OC character created by the Wiki user Unemployedmoon and is a non-canon character unless a female student PNG file and name is modified in game internal files.

Amo-chan is Info-chan's cousin.


Amo has short, curly black hair paired with bright yellow eyes, giving her a rather exotic appearance.

She wears the default feminine uniform, with black tights and always carries a small bag with her BOS and her pen.


Amo is a rather quiet person, usually just observing others or reading a book.

She trades her spells and charms for secrets, favors and sometimes money

As being Info-chan's youngest cousin, she admires her and will do anything she is asked to do.

She has a deep hatred for Senpai, and will help anyone with their plans if it involves harming him. Her reasons to hate him are unknown.


  • She's terrified of sharks.
  • She's Wiccan-in-training, but she does not care about the laws of Wiccan, like the Law of Attraction, even if it harms her. She'd go through any thing she may have to, if that means harming Senpai
  • Her favorite food is minty ice cream.

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