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Mathias Miyoshi (三好・マティアス Miyoshi Mathias) is an OC created by Wikia user DesertFokxtrot and adopted by Avnore as of October 3rd, 2017. He is a non-canon character unless the game is modded by changing one of the male students JPEG files and name in the games internal files.

Mathias attends Akademi High School as a second-year student in Classroom 2-1. Since he studied abroad for a year, he has to repeat a grade.


Mathias' hair is a red shade of auburn, he has bright purple eyes with dark purple pupils. He is reasonably tall for his age, standing at 5'8".


Mathias tends to be the quiet person, or the shy one who doesn't speak up much. However, when befriended by certain people he is more social. He is classified as a Dandere, however if he is connected to someone very deeply on an emotional scale, he will start to develop possessive tendencies.




Madison Miyoshi

His younger sister.

Anna Minatozaki

Like most students, Mathias has a relatively positive relationship with Anna. At first, Anna had trouble pronouncing his first name, so she gave him the nickname "Makkun" instead. They're good friends.



  • Mathias prefers to be addressed by his first name when spoken to.
  • Mathias is friends with Jack Smith and Yuki Suishou.
  • Mathias is enemies with Yandere-chan and Senpai.
  • Mathias' favorite food is pizza and favorite drink is a latte.

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