Masumi Himura
Masumi Himura
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 40
Club Cooking
Age 17 to 18
Persona Teacher's Pet
Crush Senpai
Additional Info Is the daughter of a wealthy businessman.
Masumi Himura is a OC created by Macaroons4days, ask her before using Masumi.


Masumi has a body similar to Kokona Haruka's, with different eyes. Her eyes are Oka Ruto's and her hair is made by CanCanWasHere on Deviantart. When wearing the default uniform she wears black knee-high stockings with white polkadots.


She is currently a teacher's pet, incapable of self defense. If she witnesses murder she will run very quickly to Kaho Kanon and report the incident, making it slightly hard but possible to catch her before entering Kaho's classroom if you have high physical education points.


Masumi Himura is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Her mother is a supermodel. Her parents are often travelling so Masumi is always left alone with the servants. The only times she can actually see her parents for an extended period of time is the holidays.


Senpai: Masumi and Senpai are just friends, nothing more. They can be seen talking to each other from time to time.

Senpai's Sister: They are BFFs, but neither of them know about each other's love for senpai.

Kokona Haruka: Just good friends, can be seen chatting up a storm in the Cooking Club from time to time.

Ayano Aishi: Ayano is only friends with Masumi so she can get some blackmail, but the only thing Ayano is learning about Masumi is useless facts like her favorite food and clothes.


7:05 AM: Masumi and Senpai's Sister Imouto enter school side by side, with Senpai following them.

7:07 AM: Masumi and Imouto arrive at their lockers (Imouto requested her locker to be next to Masumi's) and chat while changing into their indoor shoes.

7:15 AM: Masumi and Imouto sit on the fountain, the opposite side of Senpai.

Thursday 7:30 AM: Masumi gets a call from her dad about coming home early because of some "surprise"

8:10 AM: Masumi separates from Imouto and heads to Classroom 3-2 with Kokona Haruka

1:00 PM: Masumi finishes class, but stays 10 minutes more to work on homework.

1:10 PM: Masumi meet Imouto on the roof, sharing lunches and secrets. You can stalk/spy on them to learn new information

1:30 PM: Masumi walks to class again

3:30 PM: Masumi finishes her classes and and heads to the cooking club.

5:30 PM: Masumi leaves the cooking club and heads home

Thursday 3:30 PM: Masumi leaves early due to the "surprise" her father has prepared for her.


Masumi had lost a pair of scissors somewhere in the school. They can be found in Classroom 3-2 in a corner. You can frame Masumi with them, but giving them back after murder can result with Masumi assuming you murdered someone.


Oh you found them, thanks!
— Masumi after finding her scissors and giving them back
Wait, why are they bloody?.... Did you k-kill someone?
— Masumi after framing and giving her the scissors.
Umm no thanks
— Trying to talk to Masumi after witnessing murder
Of course, I totally owe you one
— Giving Masumi a task after befriending her
Hey dad....... Surprise?....... Okay, when?!?! Of course, okay bye dad
— Masumi's phone call on Thursday.

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