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Masako Kimura is an OC created by Toastythehostie. She is a female student that attends Akademi High School.


Masako Kimura wears the default female school uniform, unless customized by the player.

She has short, lavender colored hair in a bowl cut. Her bangs almost cover her eyes, and she has two small pigtails coming from the top of her head. No matter what uniform she wears, she always has the same black knee-high socks and black shoes. Her eyes are a deep emerald green.


Among the types of personas included the game, she is a coward. If Masako sees a corpse or witnesses a murder, she will start begging the player to spare her life in exchange for her silence. She cannot participate in physical fights against murderers. Because she is shy, she will hide her face if the player aims their phone camera at her.


Masako and her family

Masako and her family

Chikanori Kimura

Chikanori is Masako's mother. She has dark purple hair pulled back in an odango ponytail. She has green eyes, and wears rounded glasses to aid her vision. Chikanori works as a nurse at a local hospital, and has the tendency to come home late from work. She wears a white dress, a nurse cap, and a pearl necklace given to her by her husband. She will never ignore those in need.

Jurou Kimura

Jurou is Masako's father. He has pastel blue hair and grey eyes. He has an office job in Tokyo city, and has the tendency to come home late from work. He wears a dress shirt with a jacket, black slacks, and black shoes. He is the only person in his office that does not wear a tie. He is a strict parent, but would do anything for his family.

Ronin Kimura

Ronin is Masako's older brother. He is a yandere, and a third-year student at Akademi High School. He has short black hair and white eyes. Ronin wears the default uniform, unless customized by the player. He always keeps a combat knife in his pocket for "emergencies". His senpai is a university student from Germany that attends school in Tokyo City. After school, Ronin likes to stalk her by watching her through her windows and following her outside. He lives in the basement of his home, and is known to have a corkboard filled with pictures of his senpai.


Chikamori Kimura

Masako adores her mother. She will often go out to eat with her on weekends, and spend time with her whenever she can. The mother loves her daughter dearly, and loves to spend time with her. They have a deep bond and mutual respect for each other.

Jurou Kimura

Masako and her father don't always get along. Masako will often act distant and aloof around him, which confuses him to no end. She sees her father's way of parenting as too strict and tense, but he does not seem to think there is anything wrong with it. Jurou will often get mad at Masako for not getting the best possible grade in school, which stresses his daughter out.

Ronin Kimura

Masako is very protective of her brother and loves him very much, despite his psychotic nature. She is the only one who knows about his obsessions and devotion towards his senpai, and for years she hasn't told a soul. If Ronin were ever to go to court for getting caught in his actions, Masako would defend him to the end of her life. She sometimes pressures him into playing video games with her, and she tries her best to keep the conversation topics on her brother's interests, which are art, and of course the girl he loves.


At 7:15 AM, Masako enters school grounds. She reaches her locker at 7:25. at 7:32, she walks to the fountain and sits on a nearby bench. She will write in her journal until 8:05, and then begin making her way to class.

At 8:26 AM, Masako enters class 1-1 and sits down at her desk. She starts her morning classes at 8:30 AM, and leaves to sit by the school gates at 1:00 PM.

Masako returns to class at 1:30 PM and finishes her lessons at 3:30 PM. She then heads to the photography club to hang out until 5:50 PM. Shortly after, she walks home.


  • Masako does not yet have a 3D model.
  • Originally, Masako was supposed to have joined the Occult club, and possibly been friends with Oka Ruto.
  • Other clubs considered for Masako were the cooking and gaming clubs.
  • Masako spends most of her time after school in town.
  • Masako's older brother is a yandere, and lives in the basement of her house.


Masako Kimura

Masako wearing all fanon uniforms.

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