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Hi there! This OC is owned by Angie. Please ask her if you want permission to make fanficions, fanart,ect with this OC.

Mary Stu (II) is a character made by AngelCrest52 (Angie). She's a joke OC.


She's the kindest, smartest, funniest person in the world.


When a camera's pointed at her, she'll strike a pose. When seeing a body, she'll teleport to the police and they'll immediately arrive. When seeing incriminating evidence, she'll pin you down, regardless of stats. Because of this, it's imperative you make sure she's not in the vacinity when commiting murder.


She's the prettiest person in school. She is literally flawless.


She used to be a slave to a man, but eventually she grew up and killed him. She found her parents, Mary Sue and Gary Stu, who told her she was a princess who was part cat, part mermaid. She lived happily in a palace for a while.

One day, she found her parents murdered by a peasant jealous of them. She hunted them down and killed them. She returned to her kingdom and ruled justly, with many suitors.

She grew bored and finally decided to go to Earth, a place where no one knew of her. She immediately became the most popular, smart, and incredible person at Akademi High School.


Canon Characters

Senpai- she has a crush on him, but will never confess her feelings. Therefore, she isn't a threat and isn't considered a rival.

Kokona Haruka- She treats her kindly, but doesn't recieve the same feelings.


Angela Kurosaki-She's nice to her, but has never had a full convo with her.

Hiroshi Kino- Mary likes her.


  • She has every single power existing(even if they're weird).
  • Mary excels at everything she does.
  • Mary has one weakness: She has a microscopic weak point.
  • Mary will never become your friend. That's the point.
  • Eliminations methods of any kind won't work on her.

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