Mary Jane is an OC owned by DeadlyTeddyBear009.

Mary Jane
Mary Jane

Female Female


"I'm not telling you that!'




Heterosexual Heterosexual

Personal Status


Educated in

Various Schools







Personal Status



4 other siblings


Additional Info
Transfer student from America


She has two black tornado drills and brown eyes.


She's a nice girl with a fiery spirit in her if you get her mad. Since she's a loner, when she sees murder she'll run out of school and call the police.


At 7:00 she arrives at school goes to her locker, then goes upstairs to her friend group meeting spot.

At 7:05 she arrives at her meeting spot and since she's alone she's a simple target to get to.

At 7:10 Raibaru Noitoko and Shoni Teki arrives and they start talking about deaths, disappearances, etc.

At 7:15 Uchikina Tekinananoko arrives and they continue talking.

At 8:20 they start going to class and at 8:30 they'll start first period classes.

At 1:00 they'll go back to their meeting spot and eat lunch. On Tuesday though, they'll confront Ijime Kurushimemaru and his cronies.

At 1:30 they'll start second period classes.

At 3:30 they'll finish classes for the day and go back to their meeting spot where they'll just continue to talk.

They'll go home together at 4:45. On Friday's however they will go without Uchikina as she will be going to the Martial Arts Club. This is another opportunity to kill her, Raibaru, and Shoni.


Yandere-chan - Doesn't know but is told by Uchikina to be a weirdo.

Senpai - Her cousin.

Kokona Haruka - Knows she's a bully.

Saki Miyu - Knows she helps Kokona bully others.

Oka Ruto - Friend, but is cautious because she is obsessed with paranormal and demonic things.

Inkyu Basu - Thinks she's ditzy.

Midori Gurin - Tries to be kind but thinks she's annoying.

Pippi Osu - Likes her because she's nice.

Osana Najimi - Dislikes her tsundere attitude.

Rival-chan - Her best friend since she got to Akademi High School.

Victim-chan - A friend.

Witness-chan Her best friend. She was actually her pen pal when she was back in America.

Uchikina Tekinananoko - Her best friend after they bumped into each other.

Raibaru Noitoko - Her best friend as they both like reading. People both think they're twins.

Shoni Teki - Her best friend. People think they're twins too as they're both caring and like to travel.

Hogo Furendo - A friend.


"Thank you." - When being complimented.

"Um....." - When seeing Yandere Chan insane or laughing maniacally.

"You have a weapon? Why?" - When seeing Yandere Chan with a weapon.

"Why did you do that!" - When seeing Yandere Chan kill someone.

"Stop doing that you creep!" - When seeing Yandere Chan take panty shots.


  • She hates her locker, as she's on the bottom.

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