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The Martial Arts Club is a club at Akademi High.


Budo Masuta: Founder and president. Cares deeply about his fellow club members, especially his best friend, Mina.

Mina Rai: Co-founder. Typically can be found sparring with Sho Kunin. (WIP)

Sho Kunin: Typically can be found sparring with Mina Rai. (WIP)

Shi Ta: (WIP)

Juku Ren: (WIP)

Ayano Aishi: An ex-member. Kicked out because Budo discovered she started the rumor about Kokona that ruined her reputation.

Typical Visitors


Students Unwelcome in the Club

Budo is welcoming of almost everyone. The only students banned are the rare few Budo holds a personal grudge against.

  • Ayano Aishi: She formerly was a member, but Budo could never forgive her for starting the rumors about Kokona.

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