Marissa Puriti is an OC made by ~xoxoMarissa~thekawaii~



She has black-brown hair that ends in wavy tips. Her eyes are an emerald green. She normally wears a dress that has thin straps or no straps, and at school, she wears the White Seifuku but a hot-pink scarf instead of the usual red.

Marissa Puriti



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She She

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Akademi High



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She is almost always honest with everything and tries to be nice with her opinions. If she sees someone commit murder she will quietly scream and escape the school.


Marissa has lived in Buraza her whole life. She was born at the local hospital and was taken care of for the first 5 years before she went to school. She was superb afraid before she heard another girl say "Hi!" to her.

She looked that way when she saw a girl with light-brown hair, green eyes, and a stubby black raincoat. "I'm Merodì! Are you the new student, Marissa? Well, nice to meet you! Oops, I have to go! Bye, new friend!"

Marissa was dumbstruck. Her only chance to make a friend and she wasted it. Later she finally met Merodì again and they were friends for the last part of the day.

When Marissa walmed to her door and came inside, her parents were talking. "But, our Mari probably made many friends today... We can't send her away.." "But if we stay here it'll be too hard for her to live... The house is in terrible shape. From giant rats to smoke..." "Well, I guess we can send her away to school.--- Oh, Mari, you weren't supposed to hear that!"

It was too late. Marissa was already storming to her bedroom crying. So she made her fate. She grabbed her piggy bank, her books, and all her clothes and jewelry and stuffed it inside a big bag. She grabbed the bag and carried her puppy, Cresent, in her other hand. She started running away with her parents chasing her. Marissa tripped and fell to the ground, when they all saw something distant. It was a sign that read "GRAND OPENING: BURAZA TOWN APARTMENTS!" "Well, I guess we can move there for our baby's sake!" her parents said scooping Mari and Cresent in a group hug. STILL WIP

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