Mari Hashiuchi
Student Info
Career Unknown
Club Sports Club
Age 18
Persona Fragile
Crush None
Additional Info An undying devotion to her younger brother - could be easy to manipulate if brother is involved somehow

Mari Hashiuchi (橋内万里) is one of Sevastap's fan characters for the game Yandere Simulator. She is a student in Classroom 3-1.


Mari has dirty blonde hair, however clearly hasn't recolored her hair in some time, as her roots are beginning to show. She wears the default uniform chosen by the player at all times except during her club hours, when she changes into the school's gym uniform.

Notably, she is likely one of the tallest students at Akademi Highschool.


The perfect big sister figure - a bit abrasive at times, but overall very extroverted and willing to leave her comfort zone. Her 'fragile' trait stems from her sense of self-preservation - if she witnesses a murder, she'll plead for her life, and likely try to convince the killer that she should live as she still has a younger brother to take care of.


Junji Hashiuchi

Mari's younger brother. She worries about his shyness and as attempted to 'help' him make friends several times. Will do nearly anything for his sake.

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