Marena Resu is the OC of Marena Resu-tan and Zeitakuna Resu-chan created mainly for Roleplaying or Fan works. She carries throwing knives around everywhere in case her life is threatened.


Marena has dark magenta hair thrown into a messy high ponytail with a curl coming from the top of her head. Her eyes are dark indigo with tints of violet. She has olive skin and a bust size of 1.5. Marena is a couple of pixels shorter than Budo Masuta.


Her past is a bit of a blur to her. She lived in the quiet, boring side of Shisuta Town until she was over 16 when her family moved to Buraza Town . She knows that she typically hurt herself while playing with her younger sibling and other childhood friends. Unlike what many parents wanted, she could say and understand mild swears.


She would walk into school last on the left side, then go to her locker to change into indoor shoes. Marena then heads towards the sakura tree at the back of the school and sits there until her class, 2-2, lessons start. At lunch time, she goes to the opposite side of the fountain where Taro Yamada sits to eat. She heads to class once more, then joins the males of the Rainbow 12 to gossip if it's Monday, Wednesday or Friday, the females of the Rainbow 12 on Tuesday and Thursday.


Marena is a vigilante. Thus she is okay with one murder, but if a second happens, she will rush at the player and apprehend them. If she sees the murderer kill on the subsequent days, she will bare her weapon of choice and kill the player. This results in a game over 

Marena will death glare the player if they try to take a picture of her.   


Taro Yamada

He used to be her comforter when she was in her depressive state at the start of second year

Nyaneko Yamada & Midori Gurin

Is refered to by the two as "Sensei"


  • Her voice sounds like VY1
  • Though a story written by her creator, and possibly not canon, Marena may join the Drama club.
  • She is Midori's secondary Sensei, as she doesn't care if a question is stupid or not, she will answer, often getting Midori to copy her notes and ask her about the notes if Midori doesn't understand them.
  • She scores 11 points on the Mary Sue Litmus Test.


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