Marcella White
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation -30
Club Anti-Lewd, Martial Arts
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush None
Additional Info None
This is simply my opinion, but it should be everyone else's opinion too...perverts are the worst things to walk the universe, and they're worse than murderers. If I could find them all and break every bone in their body, I would. I WILL.

Marcella White is a fanon OC character created by GothCookie.


Marcella White was born in a hospital in Shisuta Town on August 8th 2001, to her two parents, who had a deep bonding relationship. She lived happily with no trouble, but as she grew up and learned about love and relationships, she didn't understand the concept of it and personally thought it was silly. However, Marcella decided to shrug it off - but with great difficulty.

As she grew up into her preteenhood, she learned more about what love actually was, how babies were made and about sexual harassment, which frightened her greatly. One day, when a boy tried to put his hand up her skirt, she kicked him in the face as hard as she could in terror, making the boy's nose bleed. In retaliation, the boy shoved her over, which resulted in Marcella falling over and her skirt flying up, showing her panties to everyone.

Everyone laughed, of course, while a mortified Marcella lay on the ground with her skirt up as she cried. Suddenly, something in her mind went 'ping' which snapped her into action. This click in her brain resulted in her beating the boy until he was lying on the ground, whimpering. Then Marcella ran out of the cafeteria (where the whole scenario took place) and hid in the bathroom. Luckily for her, she didn't get caught by the teachers and lived life as normal.

A few weeks later, the same boy, still bruised all over and quivering, said sorry to Marcella for attempting to put his hand up her skirt...and then admitted that the reason he did it was because he had a crush on her. A shocked Marcella stared at him for five minutes and then replied that she didn't want to accept his feelings, as she didn't want to love anyone at all.

In spite, the boy told everyone about what Marcella said to him (but he managed to leave out the part about admitting that he had a crush on her) and from that day on, Marcella was famed for being an "aromatic asexual anti-pervert" even though Marcella hadn't shown any type of behaviour that suggested this, except from when she hit the boy in the cafeteria. He used this against her.

Marcella was used to keeping to herself, although she couldn't help making a snappy comment now and then, so she got a shock when she transferred to Akademi High and noticed that a lot of people attempted to socialize with her. She brushed them off and ignored them all, except at lunchtime, when a boy called Yoichi Mikami tried to take a panty shot of her.

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