This oc is by Danderebff



she has long light blue hair that goes down to her legs

she also has a white hat with light blue eyes she also has

a default girl school uniform.



as a kid she never wanted anything to do with

romance because she is a Tom boy and the time

she fell in love with budo masuto was when she was 12

she was walking down to the shop when budo was down

there and she got this feeling that she craves still today

she ended up going to the same high school as him and

she loves to ditch class to watch him in class.



Budo masuta

mao has a huge crush on Budo and writes fanfict a about

him and her she also sometimes fantasizes about him

she has only spoke to him a few times the few times

were when she wanted to join the martial arts club but she

was interrupted by Mina rai knocking shi ta's tooth out

so she took that chance to run away out of fear

inkyu basu

inkyu basu somtimes meets up with Mao and Mao donates

some blood from her to inkyu since inkyu is short on blood

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