Makoto Hazama


Makoto is the youngest member of a family of four.

Makoto Joined Akademi High School and instantly clicked with two other students, who would later on become his best friends, Oka Ruto and Budo Masuta, who would become his crush.

At the age of 17 thanks to his 22-year-old brother's encouragement, he started smoking till the point of even smoking inside the school in the maze during lunch.

Makoto is gay but he is still in the closet, though he is planing to come out after graduation.

During lunchtime he is at the library and one day at week he spends lunchtime smoking in the maze.

Despite being friends with Oka and Budo he's not interested on joining their clubs for the following reasons.

  1. Since age 9 he developed the ability of seeying ghosts, an ability that has led him to know that a ghostly entity which he met at the age of 13 by playing the ouija board is looking for him to posses him, making him not even wanting to enter the occult club.
  2. He feel that martial arts will make him lose his femenine body type.


He is a fair skin Short boy, with Nek-Length Light Brown Hair and olive green eyes. He has a thin waist that sometimes makes people believe he's a girl, specially when they see him from behind.


Oka Ruto

Oka and Makoto are best friends although they don't really hang around school, but they do outside. At first Makoto was alone at school but after seeying Oka he felt that two loner's could be friends and they did, oka is one that knows makoto is gay.

Budo Masuta

After Budo saw Makoto at the library al by himself, he sat down and spoke to him, later on they started to meet outside the school until they became best friends, they don't normally talk inside school, specially because Makoto believes that Budo must focus on his duties as a student and martial arts club leader. Budo already knows that Makoto is gay but it's waiting for him to come out, fact that Makoto doesn't know already. the two of them are so close that Makoto believes that he might have a chance to be his boyfriend, but he is still waiting for graduation to confess his love and sexuality to him.